In December 2016, I learned of the amazing work of Lorna Byrne and can truly say that the experience was life-changing. From the minute I started to read her biographical book Angels In My Hair, and felt the power, courage, and authenticity of her messages, my worldview shifted.

Then this April, in a beautiful visit to Ireland with my grown children, we had the immense joy and blessing of meeting with Lorna and her daughter in their home in Ireland, and spent an amazing day learning, listening and connecting with our own angels. My children and I were riveted and deeply inspired. 

An international #1 bestselling author and founder of the Lorna Byrne Children’s Foundation, Lorna has served as a spiritual advisor to theologians and religious leaders, scientists, and business leaders around the world, and her teachings have led people of all walks of life, of all religions, and none, to seek spiritual insights. With more than a million readers around the world, her books, Angels in My Hair, Stairways to Heaven, A Message of Hope from the Angels and Love from Heaven have been translated into 30 languages. 

Her story is unique – Lorna has been seeing angels since she was a baby, and she sees angels physically with as much clarity as the rest of us see people. This diminutive, soft-spoken, uneducated Irish woman did not talk about what she was seeing until only seven years ago, and explains that she has no idea why she can see angels when others can’t, adding that she is just an ordinary person.

To learn more about Lorna’s life experience connecting with the angels daily, and to understand the blessings and the challenges of this unusual gift, I asked Lorna to share her thoughts on some burning questions I had. 

Here’s what Lorna shares:

Kathy Caprino: Lorna, you’ve shared in your amazing book Angels In My Hair your life journey of seeing and communicating directly with angels, and also seeing the guardian angels and souls of others, as clearly as the rest of us see people. Can you share the most powerful lesson you’ve received from the angels, and what you wish most people could understand about angelic help?

Lorna Byrne: I couldn’t put it down to one. I believe all the messages the angels have taught me since I was a little child, they are almost as important as each other. I have been passing them down to everyone through the books to help everyone to be aware of the spiritual side of themselves, more so than they ever have been before. I think the messages are all equal but I think the one people are finding the most important to them is that they themselves have a soul, which is that spiritual side of them and that they have a guardian angel that never leaves them for one second and loves them unconditionally. To their guardian angel they are number one, they see you as beautiful and love you in every way.

What I wish people could understand about angelic help is that it is actually there in abundance and all we have to do is open our spiritual selves and to acknowledge we are not just human beings, we have a spiritual side as well. Listen to all the promptings that we are being given and all the signs and learn as much as we can about our spiritual selves and the guardian angel that is always with us.

Caprino: You’ve mentioned that you’ve been shown different versions of potential futures, some hopeful and some very bleak. What do we as a civilization need to do now to ensure that our future is positive?

Byrne: I know that I have been shown many futures, many that are wonderful and some that are not, but yet I have been shown lots of hope and I believe that we can head towards a positive future for ourselves. That is something that I will not give up on.

In order to help that light of hope to burn stronger, and for us all to see it clearly, I do believe that we have to grow more spiritually. We do many things for self-healing like meditation, yoga, and wellbeing but I believe we need to pray because prayer is more powerful than all of those things. Prayer connects you spiritually to yourself, to your guardian angel but it gives you that personal connection to God as well and you find you become more peaceful, calmer and able to cope with life. It helps you stand up for others that are not able to defend themselves and to change things for good. Through that connection, your own spirituality starts to grow and by being loving and compassionate, being forgiving and generous it is helping to put empathy back in the world.

Caprino: You’ve written in your book Love From Heaven that you’ve seen that people have locked away so much for the love inside them. Why is that, and how can they begin to let out that love, and feel love and compassion more powerfully, for themselves and for others?

Byrne: Love is the most powerful force in the world; it comes from our soul, it comes from heaven. The angels told me that we can all learn to love more frequently, and with a greater intensity. People often think that love should be all sweetness and light – but the truth is that love frequently hurts. When we open ourselves to love, we also often open ourselves up to being hurt. The reason that people lock away so much love is because we have learnt from the time we were children to harden ourselves, to lock away our love because we fear being hurt. In locking away this love we make ourselves and our world much more cold hearted, selfish and sadder. In locking love away deep within us, we diminish our humanity.

We feel love through our emotions. And emotions stir us up, helping us to release the love inside us that we may be trying to keep in check. Many of us do our best to stop love from being stirred up inside us, to stop ourselves from feeling that compassion. Feeling love for anything helps us to stir up that love within us, and allows us to release more of it. Love is stirred up through personal experience of love: feeling it, thinking loving thoughts, or seeing it. We learn to love from each other.

We also forget to care for and love ourselves. Self-love is about valuing and loving who you are. No one is perfect – not me, not you – but if we loved ourselves, we would focus in what we enjoy and are good at and we wouldn’t worry about the things we weren’t good at or felt inadequate at. We would in truth be fully ourselves, the people we have the potential to be at birth, the people God wants us to be. The angels tell me that loving ourselves is very important for our happiness.

Caprino: What’s the ONE most important question that thousands of people ask you every year about angels that you (and the angels) want everyone to understand?

Byrne: I think that one question that hundreds and thousands of people ask when I am at a talk, and I get flabbergasted because so many people ask, is do they have a guardian angel and do they have a soul. I have never seen anyone without a guardian angel and it doesn’t matter what religion you are or whether you believe in nothing you have a guardian angel. I would be shocked today if I saw someone without a guardian angel, it has never happened and I have been travelling all over the world speaking to people. Some people say they don’t feel worthy to have a guardian angel or worthy to have a soul but everyone has. Your soul is that spark of light of God and it fills every part of you and no matter what choices you have in life or what choices you make. Your guardian angel loves you unconditionally, never gets angry or frustrated with you because you are God’s child and you are more than any angel could be because of your soul.

Caprino: There are untold blessings, I’m sure, in the gift that you have of seeing and speaking with angels, but I’m guessing there are also deep challenges in living a human life that’s so different from others, and connecting directly with the divine. Can you share the deepest challenge for you in your life, and in expressing your gift?

Byrne: I suppose being human is the biggest challenge, trying to fit into a normal life. Even though I wouldn’t change it, it is very challenging having to live humanly when I am so open to seeing the angels physically. Everything that has happened in my life has been such a miracle. Humanly I say this shouldn’t have happened to me because I am a nobody, I couldn’t read or write, I’m severely dyslexic. On many occasions I have given out to the angels about “why me?” and I always get back the same answer from them “why not you?” Why didn’t God pick someone with no learning difficulties that could read or write, that wasn’t dyslexic?

Today, even though I have written these books and given lots of hope for the world and spoken up and changed lots of people’s lives I used to think, when I wrote Angels in my Hair, if it made a difference to one person my job was finished, but it wasn’t. It hasn’t been easy, God has me and the angels working really hard, every second but I love every minute, I love who I am. I can’t be anyone else. I’m only me.

I used to find it challenging when people said I was crazy, because I spoke of God, I spoke of the angels, I spoke about compassion, who are you, and people would say you are nobody and I always felt great love and compassion for them but sometimes it was a bit hard. Nowadays it doesn’t matter. I know sometimes people say horrific things. One time, a woman and her husband said some horrific things to me and then a few years later and I met them again at an event and they said, Lorna do you remember us and I said yes. I gave them a blessing and a hug and they said to me after the blessing, even though we said horrible things to you we were just hoping that you were right.

I think nowadays when people ridicule you or put you down, I know they are hungry themselves, they are just fighting a spiritual battle within themselves and I love them dearly. I would defend them. I don’t put barriers up to them. The world is in a time of searching, a spiritual battle, where we are in search of our souls and that is why we are turning to yoga and meditation and other forms of supporting well-being. Many of us go to these things secretly because we are afraid we will be ridiculed, we are still in denial of the spiritual side of us. But there is no need to be afraid because it is part of you. We need to make this world a better place, like a glimpse of heaven. We need to stop being afraid.

Caprino: Finally, one thing that’s drawn me to your work is that the messages are invariably about compassion, empathy, inclusion, accepting diversity and differences, never judging others, never hating and condemning, and also, expressing deep, abiding love and compassion for ourselves and others. Those messages can sometimes fly in the face of what many religions tell us is “right” and ‘wrong.” What have you been told about how religions around the world can be helpful but also damaging to people, and how we can live more lovingly today (and why we need to)?

Byrne: I think religion in a sense teaches those things but it doesn’t really demonstrate compassion and love. I think that is where religion has let us all down, it started out with all the good intentions but it has let people down because it wanted power and control. This is one thing that the angels have always taught me. We need to remind ourselves of love and compassion and forgiveness.

Every morning at the beginning of our day we should say to ourselves I will be loving and compassionate and forgiving and I won’t judge others. You have to try to keep reminding yourself. Start with yourself first and by doing this you make it easier for your children. They will learn about love and the next generation will be loving and compassionate and as well they will stand up for those who are vulnerable or weaker than themselves. They will protect them.

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