As you sit with your phone in hand, flicking through social media, you can’t help but see post after post of lucid social events, busy parties, grand displays of food and people living these amazing lives. What you won’t see is when they put the phone down and reality returns.

For many of us those snippets on the phone are as close to that kind of life we will get, not because we don’t desire it but because it isn’t real. It can’t be real, not all the time. Is reality betraying us? By posting these images are we betraying ourselves? Are we betraying each other? 

The heart weighs heavy from this fantasy we are conditioned to strive towards, but deep down we know the reality is much colder. As we attempt to progress through this life we have been gifted, we will spend most of it being betrayed by one thing or another. 

Usually there comes a point in a person’s life where they can count their real friends on one hand. It doesn’t all stem from personal relationships but from everyday living. You turn the news on and see all kinds of news that does not agree with your expectations. Only empty promises. What if your partner decides that the dreams you both had are no longer shared. The list is endless, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong but simply just another aspect of life we tend not to speak about. 

History shows betrayal throughout, whether it be Judas betraying Jesus or Brutus betraying Caesar. The fact remains the same that we are conditioned to expect betrayals in one shape or another. Do we need to be this way? Should we not be better than this or is it a battle that’s so monumental it can’t be defeated. Maybe it’s not a battle at all and simply part of our human DNA? Why not, there are many animals in this world that love and kill on the same day. 

During a lifetime we can’t avoid this emotion, but we can choose how we process it, depending upon the circumstances and in order to lesson the burden and disappointment this causes, we must be realistic about who and what we give our trust. 

Let’s put the people on notice about future conduct and let’s get our expectations in order. We can’t change the world over night but we can change ourselves and with small changes in the many, the many become the masses and before we know it real change is happening. 

One foot in front of the other, one day after the next but let’s keep moving forward and let’s stop betraying ourselves. We can be better and this world can be changed.