I clearly don’t have to preach about the emphasis we all put on physical appearance. We have all been both a victim and an offender. To fit in, we are concerned with our clothing, hair, body image, skin color and right down to our toes nails. Judging people by their cover is commonplace and frankly often accepted. We are blinded by the idea that how we look on the outside is who we are.

That has always seemed absurd to me. I remember as a very young kid being amazed by people’s prejudices. My mind just never bent that way. I would argue with family and friends about judging a person’s appearance and explaining that people cannot pick their race or families or afflictions. I honestly believe that people are innately good. So why does that lady’s size or his tattoos, or their skin color really matter?

We are the same person on the inside whether we are overweight, in a wheelchair, have one arm or simply don’t look 21 years old any more. Our body is literally just the vessel that our soul rides in. We don’t have an option for a trade-in or a newer model. While people innately know this to be true, many are still quick to jump to conclusions about the vessel that holds our true selves.

I share this story with you….

An old run down piano was willed to a woman by her late aunt. The woman loved music but once she saw the piano, she decided it wasn’t beautiful enough to display it in her living room. She refused to play it because it is was dirty and the wood was worn. Wanting it out of her house, she had it put on the curb hoping someone would take it off of her hands. She couldn’t imagine who would actually want it — but better them, than her.

That same day, an open minded individual driving past, saw the piano and decided to bring it home. The man’s open heart and love of music, superseded the piano’s much needed help and dingy appearance. The women saw him from her window and sheepishly waved.

When the man got the piano home, the first thing he did was sit down and play it. Tears began to roll down his face because despite some love and much needed tuning, the music that bellowed out of this old broken down piano was simply beautiful. He was amazed that anyone could part with such a magnificent piece of art — but better him, than her.

So next time, you see someone who you think is a little different, run down or even really attractive, realize that what you see is just a cover. It’s the cover of a book that you have not yet read. The beauty is not in their appearance but in their story, their music, and their soul.

“We are not human beings have a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience” – Wayne Dyer

Don’t Judge. Be compassionate. See the person within.

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Originally published at medium.com