Coronavirus has been devastating to our health, economy and daily routines. I pray for everyone’s health and the recovery of the economy. On a micro level, I hope this article helps you take back your day.

Nielsen Reported that alcohol sales were up 55% the last week of March. Weed sales are on the rise, the Quarantine-15 is an actual thing, and traffic to porn websites has increased since the lockdown. 

There is nothing wrong with letting go of a little stress from time to time but we also need to make sure we watch ourselves and the ones we love. 

Self isolation and excessive drug and alcohol use are often the first signs of mental health issues. Now it seems the entire world is showing them. Let’s take note and be vigilant. 

Reach Out & Check In

We are forced into isolation and this causes a number of problems. Not only can this be taxing on our own psyches, it also makes it more difficult to spot when a friend is truly in trouble. We can’t notice they aren’t showing up as much as they used to, or are acting differently, because we can’t see them and they can’t see us. 

We have to recalibrate our instruments to this new normal. We have to more actively reach out for help and (virtual) contact when we need it. As friends, we have to make even more of a proactive effort to check in. We can’t simply check out. 


The fact that our schedules have changed doesn’t mean we should throw our discipline out the window. Your life doesn’t have to be on pause. You don’t have to have “nothing to do” so you start drinking early. You can use this time to get ahead, start a side hustle, learn a new skill, or do that thing you always wish you had time to do.

If everyone else is stalled, or at least thinks they are, it’s your opportunity to pull ahead. How great would it be to come out of isolation with a new positive direction, skill, or just a little extra cash? 

Alcohol & Drugs

From a consumption standpoint, quarantine can actually be the opportunity you’ve needed to take a break. Many of us know we need to take a step back from a lifestyle of drinking/smoking but social engagements can make that hard. It’s tough to take a 2-week break from alcohol when your ‘friend’s birthday party is next weekend’ etc.   

Without the social pressures that come with social engagements, quarantine can actually make sticking to that week of sobriety in quarantine easier. 

Furthermore, drugs and alcohol weaken your immune system and only act as a temporary band-aid for stress. Once the effects of the drugs wear off, the stress comes back stronger causing you to use again. It’s a vicious cycle. One you don’t want to get stuck in by yourself.

Come out of this healthy and refreshed. Make a good first re-impression when you finally get to party with friends.

Other Vices

Drugs aren’t the only vices people are turning too. People are binge eating their ‘quarantine rations’ and consuming more porn. When we aren’t doing that we’re scrolling social media or binge consuming the news.

It’s great to keep your finger on the pulse, but ultimately, we need to be mindful of how we’re spending our time and what we’re feeding our body and brain. It’s all about moderation. 


COVID 19, and it’s accompanying quarantine, is forcing us all into a new normal. Many are seeing this (hopefully temporary change) as a complete pause in their life and turning to vices to pass the time. 

This doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, now is a better time than ever to get your mental, physical and financial health in order. How often do you get an opportunity when the world slows and gives you time to assess the situation and make positive changes? I hope you take advantage of it.