Beyond Loneliness — Are you a part of something bigger?

One of my favorite ‘coming of age’ movies is Sabrina. It’s the story of a reclusive girl who is lives a lonely life, kept company only by her fantasies. One day she gets sent to Paris on an internship. She struggles initially and reacts with her old patterns of withdrawing from the world and seeking solace in her mind. There is a change point for her which is catalyzed by a brilliant line from her work mentor:

“You seem embarrassed by your loneliness. Don’t be. It is only a place to start…”

This movie — and particularly that one scene — was a great companion to me during my college days.

College was a tricky time for me. I felt alone. Misunderstood. Unable to connect. Isolated. Lonely.

And like Sabrina I was embarrassed by it.

As I navigated this time in my life I was met with many circumstances that seemed to heighten the loneliness. Each time I did that one brilliant movie line would float through my mind. It would play the role of mentor and remind me that this is only a place to start…

Like Sabrina, this line spurred me forth on a journey. If this sense of loneliness was just a starting place then there had to be more to explore, to gain, to learn, to find… This line always filled me with hope. There was something beyond loneliness — I just had to keep seeking it.

Over the years, I sought out many ways to feel connected. I joined clubs, surrounded myself with people, busied myself with activities… I was hoping that all of the outward engagement would make my inner sense of isolation and loneliness go away.

But it didn’t. Some actions distracted me for a brief time but the loneliness returned as soon as I was by myself. Some other situations seemed to magnify the lonely sensation, feeling more alone then ever when surrounded by a room-full of people that I felt out of place with. Certain relationships had me feeling lonely all the time — the way we do when judgment inserts itself into our interactions; building walls to intimacy.

It was only when I started to look past the small busy-ness and to the bigger picture that things changed. I explored mystical religion, yoga, meditation and Access Consciousness® energy transformation. As I did I discovered that when I stopped looking at myself as a small individual and acknowledged me as a part of the universe I didn’t feel lonely anymore.

Interactions became easier. Relationships became more intimate. Connections deepened. I realized I was a part — a vital one — of something bigger.

Truth is we are never alone. We are all connected. We are part of the one and the one all at the same time.

The feeling of loneliness. The need to separate. The desire to pull away. All of these are learned limited behaviors and mindsets that keep us in our smallness.

If you are feeling lonely start to look at the bigger picture.

Is the void of loneliness really a sense of not being connected to the people around you or is it from not acknowledging how the universe sees you, receives you, admires you and IS YOU?

What if you are a part of something bigger, have yet to acknowledge it and that is why you feel there is something missing?

What is beyond loneliness?

You as one with everything….

The true beauty and peace of communion.

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