Sleep is an integral part of your overall health and you want to be sure that you are getting enough of it. If you are worried that your nightly habits aren’t as good as they should be, look for these warning signs to see what you need to fix.

You Are Snoring All Night Long:

Your bedmate has complained that your snores have kept them up for half the night and sent them to the guest-room for a few hours of peace. Your loud and constant snoring could be a symptom that you are living with obstructive sleep apnea — this sleep disorder blocks your airway so that you have trouble breathing. If you go to a doctor, undergo a thorough sleep study and get a diagnosis confirming these symptoms, you should go looking for CPAP masks and equipment to start treating your sleep apnea right away. A continuous positive airway pressure device and matching mask stops your airway from being cut off and helps you breathe comfortably. You can get this machine and other important sleep aids from your nearest ProfMed Healthcare Solutions location.

Your Skin Doesn’t Look Its Best:

Signs of sleep deprivation will show up on your face through deep under-eye circles, acne breakouts, redness and dehydration. The reason why little sleep messes with your face is that it disrupts the balance of pH in your skin and decreases the moisture — this makes it easier for bacteria to seep under the surface and cause problems like pimples, blackheads or blocked pores. You should also check to see if your sheets and pillowcases are causing you any irritation — replace them with high-quality materials like Pima cotton or silk and clean them frequently.

You Are In Pain When You Wake Up:

A constant crick in your neck, a pounding headache or throbbing back muscles could all be related to how you lie in bed — one of the biggest signs your sleeping position is unhealthy for your body is that you are waking up with aches and pains on a regular basis. People who sleep on their stomachs are more likely to experience soreness because it offers poor back support and puts the neck at an odd angle. They should sleep on their side to prevent discomfort and tuck a pillow between their legs if they have trouble with their hips or knees.

Your Emotions Are All Over The Place:

If you find that you blow up in anger, burst into tears or spiral into a panic for minor reasons, you may not be getting enough sleep. This could be that you are not reaching your essential seven to nine hours, or the quality is being ruined by sleep disorders.

The consequences of bad sleep habits and untreated disorders will creep up on you sooner rather than later. Within a day or two, you will notice the exhaustion, the under-eye circles, the soreness and the unpredictable moods. These can be quickly remedied with upgraded equipment, different positions and longer hours under the sheets.

Thankfully, there are lots of options when it comes to solutions to help improve your sleep. New pillows, blankets and even bedsheets can help make a big difference. For some people, making sure you have a comfortable bedroom environment can even help. It’s been shown there is a benefit of having a water dispenser near your bed to make it easy to grab a drink and remain relaxed.

For many though, the mattress makes the biggest difference, and thanks to the recent improvements of mattress foam technology and the ability of manufacturers to ship mattresses compressed in small boxed, prices are lower than they have ever been. Do your research into different options and you won’t be disappointed!