Romcoms are the bane of any film industry − the same stuff, just like real estate sector. But Clear Estate, a startup from Chennai, has come up with a fresh approach to understand the real estate. Almost all the sectors have adopted technology to market and promote their goods except the real estate sector. The industry has been reluctant to change the pattern. But, with proper use of technology, Clear Estate is providing data-insights, that can change the pattern altogether.

This real estate portal provides data-based inputs to guide consumers while making a deal. It can also help buyers identify genuine realtors, thereby saving them from falling into the realty traps. People have been handed raw deals by fake realty agents on a number of occasions, which is easily avoidable with proper use of technology.

The online portal also provides information about the upcoming projects, changing the real estate trend. With big data, consumers can buy or invest in new projects purposefully. Realtors have been taking advantage of unprocessed data and the demands of customers have been largely overlooked as the agents are only worried about their own profit.

The tribulations around the sector can be put to rest by scrapping the archaic rules and regulations associated with it since the last five decades. Clear Estate, an upcoming company, has changed the unprocessed data into valuable data insights, putting an end to the miseries of customers. This upcoming firm clearly understands the utility of technology and data in the real estate sector. “It is the need of the hour to involve data and technology in the real estate sector”, said SundarJi Nand Gopal, the founder of Clear Estate.

The updated market information provided by the portal through a substantial market research is like gold dust. It gives a number of options to find the best property, according to the requirement. It will save time and money. Also, the procedure is far more easy and accurate, which will not only help the buyers and investors, but will also help realty experts.

The real change in real estate would come from the people, when they discard the ancient system of real estate purchase and adopt a new and uncomplicated system. Data is the future and it’s time that the billion-dollar industry gets disrupted facelift.