Nowadays, the online buying behavior tends to get higher everyday. Where people are shopping, they are looking as well for the best way to save money.

Consumers tend to keep their money together using traditional methods. Most often they go bargain hunting in the sale. Comparing prices before shopping is always worthwhile. Because the goods available on the Internet are often cheaper than in brick-and-mortar stores. The price comparison on the Internet is a convenient way to search for bargains from home, but the potential buyer should take the time to compare offers, providers, and price information services.

Seven out of ten people shop regularly in the sale to save money, especially for fashion and accessories. But there is another way to save money during shopping.

Many people are using price comparison sites to compare prices from different websites. This is a very smart way to shop online and find the right product. But this, not the only way to save money in a certain way. In General, the Time and day are as well as criteria for the differences between the prices of products.

34 Percent of British online shoppers thinking that Saturday is the most expensive day of the week. A recent online survey found that six out of ten Britain’s assume that the most expensive day is at the weekend. But does that also correspond to reality? We compared these results with a sample of 47 popular products from different categories and analyzed 7,700 prices over around four months.

The analysis showed that Saturday and Sunday were no more expensive than the weekdays; Monday through Friday. Only four of the products examined showed an average higher price on Sundays. Saturday was the cheapest shopping day of the week for all of the products examined. On the other hand, around half of all observed products were somewhat more expensive on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Online shoppers are not so wrong in assuming that prices are more expensive in the evening, but cheaper in the mornings or at night. If you want to bargain real bargains, you should monitor the prices of your desired items over the long term and compare prices. Seasonal price developments or the natural fall in prices of products ultimately pay off more than price fluctuations between different times of the day or days of the week. Parents are particularly passionate savers: If you have children, you are more likely to use one of the savings methods asked for. 79 percent of parents also say that they enjoy saving – that’s nine percentage points more than among the childless. There are also different savings preferences among the sexes. Price comparison portals on the Internet, for example, are used significantly more by men (72 percent) than by women (62 percent). Loyalty points, however, are more popular among women (69 to 61 percent).

How search engines find the cheapest bargain is different. To query the cheapest offers from a price comparison service, it is generally not necessary to register in advance. In most cases, the Internet user only has to enter the exact model specification of the desired device and, if possible, the name of the manufacturer.

Another useful function is the “price alert” because the prices of Internet retailers can change quickly. Price comparisons that offer such a reminder service will then inform registered users, if desired, by e-mail as soon as a certain product is offered at a previously specified price.

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