How are you ,how’s your heart ?is she breathing in and out or is she screaming get me out of here? Can you hear her calling you to expand and grow, It’s like open heart surgery all this togetherness right now smashing all the barricades down as we are cracked wide, opened up whether we like it or not!

It’s never too late to heal your heart or to hear her desires for you,life has a way of intervening in all the most inconvenient of ways when we are not listening to life but what we realise is the external noise once silenced allows us to really see who we have lost to the noise we’ve been in for too long and it’s always us ,it’s our truth, our true identity the kid thats still alive and well within us wanting our attention ,sorely missing in the passage of time but the astronauts and the ballerinas that never were can take a new form and shape they still exist still a part of us a forgotten identity like a jigsaw missing a piece waiting for a moment to be brought out of the toy closet again and rebirthed into your new life expressions, It’s never too late.

This life we are living right now is never coming again there’s only one you in existence in this form in this lifetime, you are not getting the curtain call encore ,the stage is waiting right now for you to step up into your greatest performance to date.

There is nothing you need ,you already have it all, you’ve been doing you a really long time and doing it pretty well, no waiting on approval your all you need to self approve who you are.

When did we collectively decide small was in and big was out, no more size zero for me, bring out the big girl pants and the elasticated waistbands, hooray for christmas pants let’s get them out and celebrate our big , I’m full, I am expanding like Christmas lunch in my sweatpants right now! I am doing it for me ,for life ,for love,for open heart surgery that’s called me back to life.

For the first time in along time most of us are actually breathing in and out feeling our own rhythm again and it’s so good !

So come on girls (_im going Madonna style )do you believe in love cause I got something to say about it and it goes something like this.. don’t wait for second best baby put your love to the test….(Madonna) song lyrics

So get out your sweatpants ,do your best, start today ,dream your dreams into reality right now life is here Now for you and if you take just one step toward that new vision then your personnel open heart surgery has been a love in story to tell your grandchildren and that it was a success.

All love cheaya