Meet Matthew Babich, a 22-year-old entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York.

He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and co-founder of Big Biz Global. Ever since he was a little kid he has been a good talker and a great seller. When he had his first garage sale he sold all of his toys and gadgets that he didn’t use anymore and made $500. That’s what got his wheels spinning about starting a business and his hopes up of building a successful company.

As time progressed, he continued to sell old stuff that he didn’t use anymore. You know what they say someone’s “junk” is another person’s “treasure”. After high school, at the age of eighteen, he decided to pursue something that he would be dedicated and passionate towards. He decided to primarily pursue entrepreneurship. Throughout his college years, he began to think more and more as well as build a vision and a foundation for the problem that he thought his company was going to solve, the market he was going to target & focus on and what his company was going to look like.

One night he had a dream that his vision became a reality and decided to pursue it head-on with no second thoughts at all. With his beautifully tangled set of skills consisting of creativity, passion, dedication, determination and drive to be successful all spiraling out of control at once he decided to build a founding team from scratch and is currently in the process of launching the Big Biz Global brand.


MB: Big Biz Global is an elite community for dedicated, determined and driven entrepreneurs to network with like-minded individuals, collaborate with others who are passionate about the same things you are, share ideas & advice, learn from well-seasoned professionals who have years of experience and most importantly, build a successful brand/company.

JB: Why did you decide to create Big Biz Global?

MB: When I started out as a young entrepreneur I was ambitious and had no place to properly learn what it took to establish a company nor a place to properly learn how to build a thriving and successful company. I found entrepreneurship to be one of those rare breeds in which everyone is out to make a “quick buck” over everyone else; like a dog-eat-dog community. It was hard for me to find an honest person in which I could gain advice, insight, and knowledge about building a company without being charged hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I find many new entrepreneurs going through this same struggle and this is why they have a hard time building a company because either: (1) they have already exhausted all of their funds, (2) their company failed because they didn’t have the proper resources or (3) they don’t know how to build a company. Hence, the reason why most companies fail is that there is no support system and backing for entrepreneurs to lean on and go to when they need help. Many young ambitious entrepreneurs are launching their own companies and should at least be well-prepared before diving in head first. As of now, there is no community. Well, this stops today with the creation of Big Biz Global – we want to help every entrepreneur build their dream brick by brick.

JB: What is the best advice you could give to someone starting a business?

MB: The best advice I can give someone is to do research about starting a business and thoroughly understand what it takes to start and build a business before you begin investing in one. It is also important to know your target market and to devise a well-developed strategy plan. Remember, it is very easy to invest in one but very hard to build a successful one. Hopefully, Big Biz Global will have a thriving community that collectively will be able to lead and direct entrepreneurs in the right direction.

JB: Where do you see Big Biz Global in 3 years?

MB: I see Big Biz Global as laying the foundation and paving the way for an entrepreneurial revolution. We want to change the landscape of what it means to become an entrepreneur in making a team-oriented community that’s ultimately centered on collaboration. I perceive Big Biz Global as a social lifestyle brand for motivated, determined, dedicated, passionate, experienced and developing entrepreneurs. Find the entrepreneur in YOU. 


  • Jourdain Bell

    CEO & Co-Founder at Beast Media

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