Everything in life has value. At the very least is results in learning a lesson. Equally is true is that each person is unique. No two people are exactly alike (not even twins). There is not a “one size fits all” reality. The reality is that growth occurs when the decision process gets better. How does it feel when you take steps forward towards a goal? Creativity gives birth to new opportunities. There are four approaches to leveling up your resources for your life or business that will immediately produce results. Are you resourceful to collaborate with the right people? What training do you need? Perhaps a new tool is required or its just time to take those next steps.

Leveling up is truly about having a faith over fear mentality. It is about stepping out and doing something different. It is about getting out of your comfort zone and making an investment, whether it is into your team, the business as a whole, or self-investing. It is about taking those steps towards something that you know offers results. For example, when someone wants to lose weight, they will invest into a gym, because they know that showing up and doing the work will provide the results that are worth the investment.

Entrepreneurial peer pressure is running wild in today’s space

Before walking through the four areas of leveling up, let’s review what leveling up resources does not include. There is a lot of chatter about getting out of one’s comfort zone to advance the cause, however, leveling up should not come with a guilt trip. You should never (and truly never) feel bad or less than someone else in order to level up. It is not about money either. Investing should push your comfort level, yes, but it should not push your comfort level outside of a financial burden or undo stress. This gets a little tricky. I call all this “entrepreneurial peer pressure.” Entrepreneurial peer pressure is running wild in today’s space. The constant pressure to invest what you don’t have to get what you cannot ensure. It should however push a little. Never getting out of your comfort zone will keep someone locked down, but demanding you invest into burden will burn you out.

You Absolutely Must Take Action

Experience and checking your gut will keep you sane and on target when it comes to leveling up. It is OK to seek outside advice or counsel from a ‘professional’ … meaning someone who has been through it and come out on the other side. This will prohibit the ‘paralysis by analysis’ mentality from slipping in. A 24-48 hour window to process an action is OK provided it doesn’t become an excuse. Therefore, you ask the professional and not mom. There may be time limits on taking advantage of an opportunity, so the more aware one is of where they are, the easier it will be to make a correct choice. You can move toward a goal by acting and using caution with that action.  The first step is to remind or define what is the goal. Baby steps vs adult strides. Take an honest inventory of where you are and where you want (or need) to be.

What Leveling Up Is.

What does leveling up look like then? Since each person in unique it will look different to every person, although there are four distinct areas in which to look to level up effectively.

  • Collaboration: Who are you networking with? What current mastermind group(s) are you invested in? Who is your go-to person when the day gets overwhelming? Do you need to hire a coach?
  • Training Development: What skills need an overhaul or need to be learned? What books are you reading to grow your mindset? Who are you following for advice?
  • Toolbox: What new equipment or technology do you need? What new systems or programs can make you more effective?
  • Next Steps: The next steps are defining how you need to level up your time and energy. Where do you need to be giving more time at, who do you need to be spending more time with, and how are you prioritizing your time? When are you the most effective? How many hours do you truly need to work?

Doing the right thing, or better stated, taking strategic, well thought out actions, results in less time working. Imagine hanging 50 picture frames in your home with a standard screwdriver. Think about the time it would take to complete that task. If that same job was completed with a drill (with a screwdriver bit), the time would be cut in half. That same concept goes with how we act in life and business. When it comes to leveling up, there is no difference.

Getting Started…Today!

The first step to leveling up is to take an inventory of what current resources you have and more importantly… how you are using them. What are you doing well, what are you avoiding? Where is your fear, and why is it there? What do you know you should do but are not currently acting on? That last question is the kicker, isn’t it?

Start today and be honest and realistic with where you are, where you want to be, and how you want to get there. Write down 3-5 actions for you to do right now to resource up. Now, go do them!