Two years ago, stress-related illness cost Americans over $300 billion in lost wages and medical bills. Last year, our total medical expenses exceeded an astounding $3.35 trillion. As these figures continue to climb, can any one of us afford to be part of these statistics?

Of course…not! Fortunately, the stress epidemic can be addressed using a unique combination of expressive art making and yoga. These disciplines have the potential to offer physical health benefits to most everyone. The methods are effective in improving a wide range of illnesses and medication side effects, and are known to prevent illness. The best part is that the integrative art + yoga method doesn’t taste like medicine—and in fact, it’s fun!

Feel Better With Art + Yoga

Yoga supports the functioning of every physical system, so its list of biological benefits is long. Here’s just a snapshot of what happens in your body when you practice Art + Yoga:

  • Yoga reduces the production of stress hormones such as cortisol and norepinephrine. Toxic buildup of these hormones contributes to numerous illnesses including lung and heart disease —two prominent health issues in America.
  • Yoga Strengthens the Immune System. Studies demonstrate that regular yoga practice increases white blood cell count, while also stimulating the lymphatic system. This not only helps to prevent the common cold, but is a powerful aid to individuals who suffer from chronic illness or who take medications that attack immune system functioning.
  • Yoga Helps Metabolize Medication by stimulating circulation.
  • Yoga Reduces Medication Side Effects. Yoga reduces and sometimes removes side effects from many drugs, including drugs that cause peripheral neuropathy, a numbness and inflammation of the extremities.

And that’s not all! Additionally,

  • Expressive art making helps decrease heart and breath rate while lowering cortisol production, all which are elevated by stress. 77% of Americans report feeling physical stress-related symptoms including accelerated heart rate.

Get Well-Rounded Benefits Beyond Physical Health

Art making and yoga have also been shown to address trauma, to improve mood and outlook, and to stabilize emotional and hormonal imbalances. Moreover, people who regularly practice expressive art making or yoga report greater levels of self acceptance. 

Art + Yoga accomplishes all this—and did I mention that it’s fun?

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