Procrastination is the most common obstacle in achieving your dreams. It is the reason that life is sucked out of your years. I am certain that many of you have one certain task that you have been postponing for ages. I am certain that some of you have many such tasks. I know I used to have a lot, back in the days that I was not aware that I was letting life slip by my hands, simply by leaving so many things to be done at a later date when I could easily be doing them at the present time.

I am certainly not judging anyone. I know how easily years can go by without having any achievement to show, neither big nor small… However, we must all evaluate our daily habits. Are we getting the most out of our days, or are we sacrificing our days to procrastination?

Here are a few tips in fighting procrastination, and start working towards living the life of your dreams:

1. Stop waiting for the perfect time

There is no better time to start anything than NOW. Stop waiting for the right conditions, the right opportunities, the right person. YOU and THIS MOMENT are all you need to take action. Always remember “YOUR NEXT STEP FORWARD IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER”.

2. Take small steps, towards your big dreams

Never underestimate the power of small steps. Small steps and minor actions summed up are what create big results.

3. Manage your time effectively

Your time is used in whatever you consider a priority in your life. Always ensure that your priorities are set up according to your lifelong dreams and that your efforts and the time you spend on them serves these dreams.

4. Stop listening to every dog that barks

Your critics will always be there to pull you down. Make sure that you do not give them that power. Make sure that you are wholeheartedly focused on your goals that you have no time to waste on narrowminded people’s opinion. Instead, surround yourself with people that will support you, motivate you, lift you higher than your current state.

5. Continuously cultivate the power of knowledge

Lifelong learning nowadays is a must for everyone who want to be ahead of the masses. Being an expert in your field of work, always being updated with the latest trends, the latest breakthroughs will be the base on which you can solidly build your success.

Life’s possibilities are endless. We most certainly cannot explore these possibilities, simply by postponing… Let’s ACT people!!!

 – Finish that long due assignment NOW!
 – Mow the lawn NOW!
 – Register at the gym NOW!
 – Call your parents NOW!
 – Ask for a raise NOW!
 – Spend quality time with your kids NOW!
 – Plan your dream vacations NOW!
 – Submit your CV for a better job NOW!
 – Finish that book on your bed table NOW!

The feeling of achievement you will get when you finish, will be the greatest reward. Try it NOW!


  • Stelios Savva

    Life Coach

    Stelios specializes in coaching you through your personal and professional lives. After many years of experience in many fields, as an entrepreneur, as a manager, as an employee, and involvement in many sports including athletics, basketball, volleyball and muai thai, he became a professional coach in his quest to find a way to help people. He considers his love for life and people to be his niche. His vision is to make the world a better place through helping people achieve their full potential and achieve extraordinary results. For more information on Stelios visit