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Bitcoin Revolution: Software that Guides you on what Cryptocurrencies are

My facebook and Twitter timelines are flooded with friends who are into bitcoin and cryptocurrency and they are always posting their flashy lives how they are doing great trading in this futuristic currency. However, everytime I ask them to explain to me what bitcoin is, their explanations are so nerdy that I cannot understand. Yes, I cannot hack anything from how they explain it. You see I know cryptos are the next big thing and I do not want to be left out. So, I sought to look for someone who could explain to me what crypto currency is all about as well as what bitcoins are and how I can trade in the same.

Enter bitcoin revolution app software and I get sorted

So, I went to the first thing that all of us do when we are stuck on something. Google. I searched for materials online that talk about cryptocurrency. I also watched a lot of youtube videos but none was for noobies who know nothing about the topic. All the youtubers assumed that you know what an online wallet is and also know what bitcoin is. So, I was not sorted. Fortunately, I found out this website that had done a review of a software called Bitcoin Revolution app by Conrad Atherton.

Comes with a free ebook

The Bitcoin Revolution app software guides you in simple step by step method so that you learn what bitcoin is, how to create wallets for the same as well as how to trade in cryptos. According to Bitcoin Revolution app review, the software comes with an ebook written in easy to understand language that explains to you how to trade in bitcoins.

Free demo account to trade with before you go premium

The great thing about the software is that, it first comes with a demo account that helps you know what you are getting into. With the free demo account, you will run the ins and outs of bitcoin trading so that once you go premium, you already know what to do.