Ouch. As powerful as it sounds, biting your tongue can be more painful than telling it like it is.

It may not be a win-win situation. Probably closer to a lose-lose.

So what do you do?

Have you ever wrestled with the decision about “do I say say something,” or “keep it close to my vest”?

What factors go into making that decision?

Does the decision vary with the other person involved?

What would be the downside of speaking your mind?

Are you concerned about hurting someone else’s feelings?

Do you think the other person would think less of you?

Or is it possible that you would gain more respect by being truthful?

If you were in a group, would you be comfortable disagreeing with the majority?

Does honesty play a role “in biting your tongue”?

Do you ever rehearse the message, before you say it?

Can your employment be affected if you don’t bite your tongue?

Have you ever lost a relationship by speaking up?

Have you ever been on the receiving end of someone not holding back?

How would you advise a relative or friend to speak up — or not?

Is your presentation as important as the content?

I’m going to bite my tongue now, and finish by saying that “biting your tongue” can probably influence your ability to Thrive.