BJ Fogg calls it the “feather principle” — the idea that the simplest thing can often have the biggest impact. 

As the Founder and Director of Stanford’s Behavior Design Lab and the Behavioral Science Chair of Thrive’s Scientific Advisory Board, Fogg has spent many years studying the factors that impact human behavior. 

In this video, Fogg explains the “feather principle,” how the power of simplicity makes Thrive Reset such an impactful tool, and why human behavior isn’t always as complicated as we might think.


  • BJ Fogg

    Founder and Director of Stanford's Behavior Design Lab, Behavioral Science Chair of Thrive's Scientific Advisory Board

    BJ Fogg, PhD, founded the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University. In addition to his research, Fogg teaches industry innovators how human behavior really works. He created the Tiny Habits Academy to help people around the world.