It’s time to expand our view on what it means to be strong. Salesforce and Thrive Global, with support from KPMG, have partnered to make change: to bring about positive mental health conversations in the Black community, to share strategies for seeking help, and to prioritize mental well-being.

Strength plays an important role in the Black community, Nicole Cammack, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist and president and CEO of Black Mental Wellness, Corp., explains in the video above. But strength means different things to different people, especially as it pertains to mental health. “In the Black community we reward strength,” she says. “And then we have this limited view of what that means.” 

In the video above, Cammack shares her personal understanding of what strength really means: showing emotions, seeking help, embracing the thing that brings you fear — all deserving portrayals of strength. Whether you’re battling a specific hardship or are feeling generally down, her storytelling will help you feel less alone. 

Watch the full video for Cammack’s personal mental health story, plus her favorite Microsteps for better mental health each day.