What more appropriate day than today to fuel conversation about eradicating racism once and for all? Posting to social media is simply not enough. If you really want to encourage change be a part of it. There are various ways to become involved such as donating, volunteering, opening up conversations and supporting black-owned businesses.

The below 7 businesses will provide the nourishment to spark up a dialogue. During the current pandemic this communication will need to happen over zoom or another platform of this type or outdoors. When the time comes where we can gather indoors, host some friends for coffee, tea and sweets from those fine purveyors.

Red Bay Coffee

Founded in 2014, Red Bay Coffee offers high quality and sustainable product, while being a vehicle for diversity. They strive to create unity by hiring all people of color, the formerly incarcerated, women and people with disabilities.

Brooklyn Tea

Offering a wide and intricate selection of high quality teas, both organic and fair trade whenever possible, Brooklyn Tea is a great option. With a tea shop located in Brooklyn, NY, this brand offers consumer tea education on site while also shipping their goods direct to consumer.

Blk and Bold

Blk and Bold is a micro roasted specialty coffees and loose leaf specialty teas with a charitable arm. 5 percent of their profits are donated to at risk youth.  Opt to have it delivered direct to your door or alternatively you can find their products at Whole Foods, Target and online at Amazon.

Ivy’s Tea

Ivy’s Tea is a woman owned business ships out organic teas, specialty honey and novel china to amp up your tea cup. game. On the third Friday of every monthly they give a portion of the days sales to charity.

Chicago French Press

Chicago French Press is an organic, single origin brew in a variety of flavors including Maple Pecan, Chocolate Blueberry, Peach Nectar, Coconut Crème and Original.  CFP also donates a portion of their proceeds to charity.  Choose single bags or go with a subscription.

Sweet Dames

If you love macaroons, you will be pleased with both the taste and presentation of these delectable treats at Sweet Dames.

Genelle catered her first event at 10, following in the footsteps of her grandparents. Her sweets are made with simple, clean ingredients including organic, unsweetened coconut flakes.  They are truly artisanal.

B Cake NY

Mind blowing works of art that are equally tasty is what you’ll find at B Cake NY.  Be sure to check out their Instagram feed to see the outstanding designs created daily, for anything from birthdays to weddings. For coffee talk, order some cupcakes or cake jars offered in a host of different flavors.

While in the midst of the current pandemic, we can have these conversations over zoom or outside while practicing social distancing. In time, when we can all gather once again, invite a new friend over and encourage inclusion