Black Wealth Renaissance

Black Wealth Renaissance opened the door to accessible discussions on finance in an area that felt overlooked. I first learned about this group of four on their podcast. It showcases different successful African American entrepreneurs who are making a difference in their lives. What’s special about this is how it highlights not just big names, but the everyday working person like real estate investors, Wall Street brokers, bankers, and more. By guiding the narrative and turning it into something positive, they want to help spread a message of growth, rather than the negative feed that so much of mainstream media doles out to the public about the black experience.

Jalen Clark, Jared Spiller, David Ballard, Kelly Rhodes

Founders David Bellard, Jared Spiller, Jalen Clark, & Kelly Rhodes recognized a gap in financial information taught in school vs. what most of us go through in the real world. Basic concepts weren’t covered, while things like geometric proofs were. Why is that? Why is trigonometry more important than understanding that high interest loans and credit card debt can create havoc on your financial profile? Why aren’t we taught about investments, how to recognize smart investments, and things like understanding how to build equity and assets?

Their voices are being heard, loud and clear. In fact, they have a top-rated finance and business podcast on Apple’s podcast charts. By helping others learn, grow, and understand finance there’s the opportunity to make better choices. And when you build yourself up, you bring your community with you.

It’s not only about acquiring wealth, but also maintaining wealth, so that generationally each group thrives. Whether they’re discussing monetizing, investing, or understanding basics, they always have their listeners in mind. They want to spread their educational message, so listeners pick up what they learn, and then go on to teach others.

The more you educate yourself, the further you’ll go, and nobody is going to force your hand. You need to take responsibility for yourself. With a collective voice, they speak about expanding group economics, along with investing and much more. Their website includes resources, articles, and courses when you’re ready to grow your financial literacy.

Founders David Bellard, Jared Spiller, Jalen Clark, & Kelly Rhodes are making a difference. They saw a need, and reached out to fill it, knowing that if they could reach the black communities and be heard, they could help educate people to make better choices.

David Ballard, Kelly Rhodes, Ronsanto Cole. Jalen Clark. Jared Spiller

I like the helpful information I discovered on their blog covering topics like black-owned publicly traded companies, how to understand lifestyle inflation, along with things like debt-income ratios, and learning about high-yield investments. It’s a well-rounded group taking their collective knowledge and spreading it to the masses.

Well done, Black Wealth Renaissance, well done.

Ask yourself, what were you taught about money in school? Did you get out of college with a wad full of debt? Rely on credit cards to get you through? Student loans out of control? Yeah, the reality is that when we’re in school and growing into adults, that’s when we should be learning about finance and our relationship with money. And yet, it’s overlooked. Instead, they focus on teaching things that aren’t relevant in your day to day life.

If you know somebody who would do well to invest more time in their financial learning, be sure to have them check out the Black Wealth Renaissance podcast, today.