What makes the times we are in as dark as they seem, and as revealing as they are, as they show who people are at a deeper level, are shows like Black Women OWN the Conversation which gives permission to Black Women to speak their truth to power.

Offering a window not only to Black women, but White, Latina, Indian and whatever shade you are in, to gain insights on womenhood in these challenging times. These unprecedented discussions highlight the voices of African American women, putting themselves first as they explore issues affecting our everyday lives.

The second episode premieres on Saturday, August 31st at 10 p.m. ET/PT and focuses on Motherhood. It offers viewers a chance to feel safely drawn into a world of voices ranging from attorney and political commentator, Angela Rye, who shares honestly about her challenges with motherhood; actress Ryan Michelle Bathe, who discusses having the “talk” with her sons about how they cannot expect their lives to be valued in America; to comedian Dulce Sloan, who in a moving moment shows us how much it takes for Black women to believe they are beautiful.

The four one-hour episodes are hosted by Emmy-winning journalist, Carlos Watson and feature a panel of celebrity guests and 100 Black women with a focus on key issues including love and relationships, motherhood, beauty, and mind, body and soul.

Black Women OWN the ConversationsĀ invites all women to not feel alone on their journey through life. Gather your women friends together on Saturday and create a Black Women OWN the Conversations (BWOC) Club and share your experiences on social media using BlackWomenOWN.

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