Blake Saunders is a 25-year-old entrepreneur and the founder of Certified media. Over the years Blake has helped dozens of individuals and homeowners achieve success in life. Blake is also an advocate of renewable energy.

Within the last few months, Global economy and healthcare has experienced a nosedive. And this has caused millions of entrepreneurs around the world to lose their means of income and fall into depression and constant anxiety.

In this article, Blake tackles questions involving success and achieving a healthy mindset. 

Can you tell us what your everyday life looks like as an entrepreneur?

Everyday is completely different for me. Somedays I get up and go straight to work, some days I don’t work at all. Everyday when I wake up I look at what’s on my schedule and plan accordingly. I have an amazing team around me, so everyday I make sure that they have everything they need to have a successful day. 

Most importantly, I will get at least one workout in each day and then I make sure I do something I really enjoy toward the end of the day, whether it be going to the skate park, relaxing at the beach, cooking a nice meal and simply enjoying a nice movie. I always say life is too short to be doing something you don’t enjoy, so make sure you make everyday count. 

What are your main tips for success? 

Health is wealth. The most important thing I focus on everyday is making healthy habits. What good is creating a successful business and making tons of money if you’re not healthy to actually enjoy it. When you’re working out and eating right, you feel so much better therefore performing at a higher level. Also you need to understand patience. The only thing you should strive for is to become 1% better each day and look at the compound effect over the years. 

What obstacles did you face to get to where you are now and how did you overcome them?

When I first started my business I decided to move away from my hometown with only $1,000 in my pocket. There were alot of months I couldn’t pay rent and had to borrow money from friends. There were even times where I had to sleep on my friend’s couch for months at a time. Once everything started falling into place, of course COVID happened. 

I overcame these obstacles by getting clear on exactly what I wanted then working backwards on how to get it. I think everything happens for a reason and whatever happens is supposed to happen. COVID lockdown was a blessing in disguise, It ultimately led to our success now. When you first start your business you’re going to have to suffer a little. I also look at everything as a lesson, not a failure. You only fail if you give up. Lastly, I didn’t take anything personal. Every person that told me “No” or “You can’t do that” only fueled the fire. 

Finally, Can you tell us what keeps you motivated? And, If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

I am motivated by seeing growth. I’m addicted to becoming the best version of myself and seeing what I can accomplish. Also my team really motivates me to wake up everyday and do what needs to be done. They are extremely hard working and I couldn’t have done any of this without the people around me. 

One piece of advice for beginning entrepreneurs would be to focus on one thing that they sincerely enjoy and figure out how to monetize it. You need to become a master at one thing and scale it. The shiny object syndrome is real and will distract you, but if you are focused, you’ll stay on track and succeed