& yes, you heard me right, I’m not letting you do something you’re not confident about, Look Tejas, saying, believing & doing are three different things. You can not always be right. When you as a child has got rights to decide what’s right for you, why can’t we as parents have? You got to listen us this time, at least.” A heated debate took u-turn that day & I couldn’t deny what Dad had to say. An hour passed & mommy came asking me if I was determined? & I anxiously replied, “Anybody had like it or not. I want to do it & I’m doing it.” “I can’t leave my dreams unattended & you know that”, I added. Something was troubling me that day. I couldn’t decide if doing masters & planning for abroad is a right choice for me. From where I stand, I could see, dad’s face brooded over a subject of going far away from home & a glitter in mommy’s eyes for having proud on me, thinking how badly her boy wants to pursue his dreams. I truly don’t know what makes it reasonable to believe if it is right or wrong & but one thing was very clear to me, without Dad explicitly saying this to me that I should do it, I won’t do it. I won’t override his decisions. 

A year went & somehow I could persuade papa to permit me to go & that too on terms more likely on promises that I’d come back & won’t ask them to come there to settle down with me. Point being, we all struggle on decisions, we take risks, we take chances, we put ourselves on the line, throw ourselves in the peril & endanger our lives but we don’t stop bidding on us, we still take decisions & forge ahead. We don’t care if that resolve takes us somewhere high or low, we’re always up for it & this was exactly what I was doing.

Growing up, I often watched Oprah Winfrey, an American talk show host, who once said, “We can’t become what we need to be by remaining what we are. Nothing happens until we decide.” & this has made my thoughts uncompromising of anything that does not push me ahead. I knew it was a time for me to rediscover myself, reinvent something that has lost in me since the day I was born & I took that call. State of affairs wasn’t in favor of me but then I said something to papa & that itself changed his mind. I said, “If limiting your child would keep him near you then I would accept it happily, I won’t disobey you but won’t it cripple me in one or the other way? We’re in a fight like everybody else is. Stopping someone won’t make him stronger rather weaken him & destroy his presence.” & he nodded with a smile back.

Guys, covering up the story I would say, it’s okay if you’re feeling low but don’t hold yourself back from striving hard way through your fondness; the instinctive desire to make impossible as possible. I think the struggle is inevitable, avoiding it will result in reaping the fruits only. Don’t get annoyed, don’t ever settle on a vision, don’t hesitate if it demands for more efforts to achieve something, keep working until you become the best of you. Never mind, if you can’t perform well, it may sound distasteful, dreadful, extremely bad but remember nothing is unattainable until you have that spark, that fire, that will to hit your goals.

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