Blissful Like a Yogi

In the Ancient texts, the Bhagavad Gita, the Vedas, and the Upanishads, ‘Bliss’ is described as Ananda. A word very much still used in the Indian languages, meaning Happiness. Bliss is different from the normal form of ‘happiness’ in that it means something greater. The Supreme Happiness is to be gained with complete submission to Divine Will, arriving at the end of the cycle of- life and death or reincarnation. While the Hindu and Buddhist and many other ancient Religion’ views on life or the after- life is not something easy to understand without cultural context or a specific interest in it. There is no doubt that there is much to be learned from Ancient cultures and Knowledge.

The loss of Knowledge over time is also to be noted. Just like much is learned from the study of ancient cultures, much is also Lost over time. Perhaps then, Knowledge, enters its own life cycle of birth and death, with discovery, loss, exploration/excavation, and rediscovery.

Untitiled (Shiva) by Raja Ravi Verma, 1903

Just a couple of days back epigeneticist Dr Bruce Lipton published a video on YouTube where he shares his wonders at discovering some time ago aspects about the structure of the pineal gland, pituitary gland and hypothalamus relating directly to what Yogic scientists discovered thousands of years ago and called The Cave of Brahma. They, the Yogis, talked about the importance of the pineal gland in being directly responsible for the connection between us and the Divine. Dr Bruce Lipton states that

the pineal gland is a receiver of information that we use in organizing our life, is not a new idea. It’s been expressed for thousands of years. But the new idea is this- that the idea conforms to conventional modern biology, and the anatomy of the third ventricle of the brain. It’s not an accident, it’s not a coincidence. I firmly believe that the Third eye chakra consisting of the pineal gland is one of the primary inputs that controls the character of our lives.

Modern science and collective ancient wisdom suggest that the pineal gland is the interface between our personalized energy fields (spirits) and our physical virtual reality ‘suits’…the physical body.

In Ancient Hindu texts, this area of our brain is the focal point of our reality, which is central to our existence. This is the spiritual and physical centre of our ability to experience reality.

It seems that Higher Consciousness is not a myth or intangible subject, but rather something that anyone with interest, dedication and practice can draw upon and access.  

Every day new discoveries are being made and neuroscience and knowledge of how the brain and mind works are Re-discovering and proving some of the theories, and lost and disappearing knowledge of ancient texts.

Another great example is the use of Mantra which has been taught through more than three-thousand-year-old texts, as a way of achieving enlightenment. We now know since the last century and especially now, about how the ‘mind learns by repetition’. We now speak the language of Affirmations, and even Hypnotherapy, but knowledge of repetition of Powerful words and Concepts as a way of moulding our mind, thoughts and lives has existed for over thousands of years. The earliest mantras were composed in Vedic Sanskrit in India, and are at least 3000 years old.

So much knowledge is coming from these sources that it should make you wonder if Atlantis was not a real place with an advanced kingdom whose inhabitants were way beyond their time, or whether Advanced Knowledge has always existed in the hands of some.

Knowledge and ability to communicate with the Divine was always thought to be possible and available to only a select few. Such as Priests, Pujaris, Oracles, Shamans, and so on.

What if Higher Consciousness is not an intangible phenomenon but simply a physical reality that Anyone can tap into? What if it simply involves some daily rituals and practices and precise mind exercises that anyone can do? What Knowledge would you Seek, if you could attain Higher Consciousness and experience Bliss like a Yogi?

There is one tiny aspect that must be noted at this point. All the ancient sources are agreed on one thing. One definitely needs to cultivate some Virtues. These virtues are being Loving, being Kind and Compassionate, Empathy, and so on.

Neuroscience now shows us what happens in our brain patterns when we immerse our minds in a meditative state and immerse ourselves in ‘Loving-Kindness Meditation’ for example. There are numerous studies to show the effects on the brain, numerous studies to show how neural structures and patterns in our brain change with following a meditative state.

So it seems it is not just a fact of nature or ethics, but it actually pays to be Virtuous! It not only changes who you are on a physical level, but it creates a difference in your own reality and that of the world.

My suggestions based on personal practice and study, to make you feel Blissful like a Yogi are:

  • Follow Loving Kindness meditation. Feeling these pure emotions purifies the mind from the bondage of lesser emotions.
  • Rid yourself of Resentment and Remorse. Only then will you actually be able to feel the Full Force and Power of Loving Kindness meditation.
  • Be a Responder to a situation, and not a person who ‘reacts’.
  • Work on your triggers. Know that we all have them. Understanding their origin is a great step towards learning to side-step them.
  • Live a life of internal supplication to Goodness.
  • Laugh and share Joy.
  • Avoid Negative sources and influences. Avoid toxic people and situations.
  • Learn to bow out with grace to avoid further entanglement in situations that don’t cause you neutrality, peace, or happiness.
  • Follow Gratitude.
  • Rid yourself of unnecessary ‘rebelliousness’ and problem-seeking. Flow with life with grace, and grace will flow with your life.
  • Contribute in every way that you can.
  • Be selfless and generous.
  • Look after yourself, your diet, your family, all those in your care, including your pets and plants, your friends, your community.
  • Read and Learn about good things, new things. Keep your mind readily satisfied with a varied and rich diet full of curiosity, contemplation, reflection, study, and experience.
  • Life has a Great reason to express itself in You! Find your purpose and follow that which makes you happy.
  • Think Beautiful-Create Beautiful. You are not a sack of flesh, a bag of bones. You are a Great Creator of beauty in this world. Create. All you have to do is…. Think. So, think freely. Soar like an eagle, swooping down over your interests. Be expansive.
  • Remember those who need you, like the young children, the elderly, your pets even, the plants around you, those who are helpless.
  • Be the Example in your surroundings.

And lastly, Understand- the BIGGEST GIFT that you have to give while you are here, is your Energy and Time. Give it lovingly, with compassion, expansiveness, and care. Follow these tips and you are Sure to experience Bliss like a Yogi. Follow it consistently and regularly, and you are sure to be able to sustain that feeling of inner joy and peace over longer periods of time.

I end with a beautiful visual quote I paraphrase from Sri Ramakrishna,

Your mind is like a cloth, and Meditation is the dye you dip your mind in.