Blissfully bored at home

I have never known of boredom. Or rather, I have never complained of feeling bored. I had to look up a definition of boredom first, and I think this partial quote resonates with me:

“Boredom is a feeling that everything is a waste of time” – Thomas Szasz

For those reasons, I can argue that you can feel bored even when you are the busiest. The feeling that you are wasting time can stem from not feeling respected, or your ideas not being acknowledged at work. I sat in many meetings and witnessed engineers biting their tongue and going with the flow, but then disagreed with the project in a more private setting. This all, I imagine, can create a feeling of wasting one’s time – boredom.

I know that the pandemic is hard on many families, I certainly can contribute to the list of challenges, but boredom is not one of them. Nothing makes me happier than creating an environment in which my kids can feel “normal”.  Every day, we pretend we have a school lunch and go on endless bike rides around the neighborhood. We also learned to appreciate nature more and that magic can lurk in any corner.