Tell us a little about yourself, and what inspired your path.

I help create six-figure businesses. 

Born and raised in Detroit, I am a single mom that defies the odds. I’ve been an entrepreneur for about 15 years. I’ve started a variety of businesses. They ranged from selling jewelry from the back seat of my car to helping to start a million dollar real estate company. 

The mission has always been clear for me… Entrepreneurship. Along the way, I documented the good, bad, and ugly to help other business owners learn from my mistakes. This allows them to shorten their own grow curve. Currently, I’m a full time entrepreneur, and I help other entrepreneurs monetize their business with online courses. 

What’s the story behind your current business? Do you have a goal in mind? 

BLK Wallet was created to change the power of the black dollar. The platforms we’ve created allow black shoppers and business owners a central location to shop and serve the community in one safe place. Ultimately, our mission is to impact the black community. We provide solutions that allow business owners and shoppers the ability to experience resources that may not otherwise be offered and/or available. 

How does BLK Wallet work? What are the benefits? 

Our goal is for both BLK Wallet platforms (social community and directory) to work in tandem, allowing businesses to list their information, while accessing resources which positively impact sales and nurture long term business growth. 

In a nutshell, business owners submit details regarding their business and post to a full directory. Shoppers in turn can search the directory to find local and virtual black owned products. 

The BLK Wallet community will embrace the growth of black businesses by allowing users to share resources and education across the platform that isn’t typically available on other platforms. 

Do you have an overarching plan for BLK Wallet? What’s your long-term vision?

We offer options to big brand products in a central location. The plan is to replace Yelp and Yellow Pages with a black option allowing users to search and review products across the nation right from their mobile phone. 

Are there particular challenges you face? How do you work through them? 

Two of the largest challenges we faced when developing BLK Wallet were finding affordable solutions to create the platforms, and identifying black owned businesses to feature. 

Our vision is massive, but we understand that we need to start small. We’re rocking it out with what we have, and there are plans to transition once we secure additional funds. Additionally, we’ve been very active on social media, but only really skimmed the surface with business listings. 

We encourage all black business owners to visit our website and list their business. 

How do you deal with the financial side of the business?

Our goal is to provide our services at a free or affordable price. The BLK Wallet platform will monetize from its advertising across both platforms.  Business partner, Moneka Townes, is well versed in finance with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. We’ve also implemented measures that will maximize the longevity of the business. 

What do you envision for BLK Wallet in the future?

We’re not letting up. We believe that this is bigger than the two of us. We are looking for investors that are interested in helping us scale quicker and vastly. With the additional funds, we look to implement a mobile app and interactive education system that provides resources to school age children. 

Do you have a message for future entrepreneurs? 

Anything is possible… Operate within your passion, but most importantly, remember that all great things come with hard work. You can’t cheat the hustle. 

Company name : BLK Wallet

Email Address : [email protected]

Website URL : and

Instagram URL : @lifeofa_busyboss

City and country : Detroit, MI United States