A tendency to peep into others house is not a fact of wonder; today, it has been prevailing since the advent of human beings and their settlements. They are curious about ‘what is happening on the next door.’ Likewise, it tagged along with the internet culture as well. Also, we can say it grew up into a more vigorous phase even. The innate curiosity has grown up into a severe and reckless habit of some people. Moreover, ‘Hackers’ are the name of those. They have a restless heart to spy our websites and blogs to suffice their evil motives.

Even though we’ve fenced and locked our address tightly, they roam around for a little loophole to seep. However, foreseeing the severe perils that might come from those eavesdroppers and cybercriminals, tech developers are diligently heeding on making uncrackable locking technologies to protect our websites and blogs from them.

However, there are a few ways that we can make our website or blogs resilient intact.

1. Guard ourselves

Anything that can store-bought be replaceable or repairable, but, our reputation cannot be replaced once we lost it. Moreover, that’s the important part that a blogger should look after. Once a user victimized, we can never be in the same space in their carts and hearts. So, instead of relying on any other sources, it’s better to safeguard our websites or blogs ourselves.

There are many safety measures that we can put into action today. Like firewall, Proactive antivirus and the advanced fencing measures to protect our blogs and websites. Some of the people use all these stuff just for the sake of it. However, they realize its primeness when it’s too late. These overlooked elements can help us in many ways from these threats.

2. Independent VPN

Independent VPN is not a new story fallen from the heights. We know, even the hacker know more about this mode. It’ll help to secure our website from all possible perils on the way. It hides our IP let us work anonymously on the internet. Independent VPN lays a secure connection that no hackers can trace out easily.

It provides us with a private network to roam around, and it enables us to work and create our isle that cannot breachable to any intruders. So, Independent VPN is a better choice to keep us safe from the cyber devils.

3. SSL Certification

It is the center lock for your website or blog. An SSL certificate is more than just a security measure. It begets us security, reputation, recognition and searched ranking as well.

SSL certificate is one of the essential add-ons that every website and blogs required. It encrypts our data that passing between the systems of user and server. It will cover our back while dealing with the online transactions and encodes the data to an unreadable format.

An authentic SSL certificate ensures our blog or website data is not open to access. It’ll lock it down with strong measures that are unpredictable to the cybercriminals.

As we say it’s not rocket science, protecting our blogs and websites are not that much tedious. We need to implement the effective and appropriate measure at the right time. Moreover, we have to update our platforms and plugins as the technology moves forward. Else this hackers can find out new loops and patches to intrude. Thereby the chances of being victimized are higher.

There are many measures that we can use to fend off the threats effectively like those mentioned above. We can choose from those as well as our requirements.


  • Emanuel Debbarma

    Author at Thrive Global, Chief Editor at Top Trendy Feed

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