I dreamed a dream last night, 

I wish, had never come true.

Humans pleading for their lives,

Feeling so helpless and grue!

Woke up with a sudden jolt,

To see the world crumbling. 

What a gory sight it was,

Nature seems to be avenging!

I pondered over the ghastly effects,

The agony won’t disappear soon.

But my mind consoled me saying,

Don’t worry,  there’s always bloom after gloom!

That’s the sense of awakening, 

The world is in need of now. 

These are trying times,

Let our hopes grow!

When uncertainty remains a constant, 

Let’s reconcile with our inner peace,

Together,  show strength and solidarity, 

In fighting against this dreaded disease!

Though we all are in unchartered waters, 

Perseverance and belief will sail us through. 

With good times on the horizon, 

The world will be a better place soon!