Let Go ‘Yeah Buts’ for a Joyous Life 

By Tam John, Author of A Fresh Wellness Mindset

Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash

Imagine the story of the crab family living in a bucket.  One courageous crab notices blue sky. Eagerly it contemplates scaling the bucket wall to see what is outside the pit.  Enthusiastically, the crab begins to share its dream with others.

But wait!  The crab’s very own people tell him it is ridiculous for him to think himself a new life.  They argue it has never been done before.  They scold who does he think he is!  They chide there is a pandemic!  They shame him that his dreams are not right.  He teeters backwards.

Doubts in the forefront, he adds more of his own ‘Yeah Buts’.  Yeah But he has it rather good right where he is.  Yeah But … Yeah But… Yeah But…

Run, do not walk, from an ordinary life.

The natural flow of blue sky inspiration streaming through you is your birthright.  Your blue sky ideas are meant for you.  Heed their guidance and shape new ways of being and living to nourish your heart and soul. This is your life! 

Enjoy 7 secrets to realize a bright life journey.

1.  Jot down the inspiration.  Undocumented seeds of inspiration will flit away unless you put them on paper.  Transfer little notes to a journal that can serve as puzzle pieces of your masterpiece.

2. Find calm.  Engage mind and body calming practices to make room for your genius to come to life.  A little consistent calm does wonders for you inside and out.

3. Play more to nourish your nervous system.  Your autonomic nervous system is fed by taking the gas pedal off life.  More of what you want will automatically show up! 

4. Be Inquisitive.  Explore the change you desire.  Seek out people who are already living a reality that resembles your idea.  If a 1:1 meeting is not feasible, read, study, discover.  Keep learning.

5. Be True to yourself first and always.  Opinions and judgment of others do not matter.  Your job is to take care of nourishing your gifts, desires, and life. 

6. Hold it dearly.  Seeking to gain another person’s acceptance and understanding of the callings of your heart is unfair to you and to them.  Defy resistance (however well-intended) of others and keep your dreams to yourself.     

7. Celebrate everything.  Bar none.  Even the tough days are purposeful.  Know in your heart there is a good reason for everything.

Miracles happen as if by magic, but there is no magic.  There is only you, your thoughts, and positive persistence to follow your heart and be certain life is meant to be joyous. 

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