How would your life look if it were perfect in every conceivable way? Where would you live? What country, state, town, street, and home? Be specific and say it out loud. How many bedrooms would your house have? How many garages would there be? Would it be an apartment in a high rise building in Manhattan? See every single detail in your mind’s eye. How much would you weigh in this perfect world? What kind of car would you drive? What color would it be? Again, how would your life look if it was exactly as you wished it to be? This is blue sky thinking and it’s a powerful mental exercise. Everything must first begin in your magnificent mind. This is where you begin to build your #masterpiece of a life and lifestyle. You have an incredible power within. You possess the extraordinary ability to convert your thoughts into reality through a process known as transmutation.

The basis of this process begins with goal setting. One must first be crystal clear about what one wants. This has no bounds. It works as well for your body mass index as it does for the amount of money you earn or the wristwatch you wear. It all begins in your conscious mind. The more you think about exactly what you want, the more quickly it will cross the psychic barrier which separates your conscious mind from your subconscious mind. In time, your blue sky thoughts will take root in your subconscious and make up your paradigm or your self-concept. The ancient Greeks referred to the subconscious mind as the heart. It’s your emotional mind. You don’t have thoughts in the subconscious mind, you have beliefs. There’s a big difference. Once you have planted an idea of how you’d like to live in the subconscious mind, those ideas and beliefs will then almost exclusively dictate your habitual behavior. If for example, you truly decide at age 19 in your conscious mind that you will become a cardiovascular surgeon, as I did, you will soon find yourself studying all the subjects required to go to medical school and transmute the first stage of a long journey. That’s the way blue sky thinking works. You take control of your conscious mind by seeing over and over a perfect world in which you live. With time, this imaginary world will manifest in the physical realm. 

Once you recognize how powerful this tool is, you will come to believe that it has no limits, so set your goals high and dream big. Remember that the source of supply is limitless. You can never take more than your share. The ancient Upanishads teach, “He took abundance from abundance and yet abundance remained.” The universal source is not like a pizza which is cut into progressively smaller slices as more people need to be fed. There is more than enough pizza for everyone. So, my advice to you is when you envision your blue sky life in your mind, be honest with yourself about exactly how you’d like it to look. Don’t be timid and don’t aim too low. This is a common mistake people make. You will ultimately get what you ask for. Results never lie. In fact, the life each of us is living right now is a direct reflection of how we have been thinking up until this point in our lives. If you want the reflection of your thoughts to change, you must begin by changing the thoughts, not the reflection. Be bold. Dream big. Ask for what you really want, not what you think you deserve or what you think you can achieve. The source is limitless. When you practice blue sky thinking, don’t go to the ocean with a teaspoon. Bring an oil tanker if you can get your hands on one. You’ll have no problem filling it.