All business owners possess one dream in common: to ensure their businesses grow. This seems like a no-brainer. But of course, the ‘how of it all is another story altogether. 

Bobbi Kahler, business and life coach, makes it her life’s mission to help businesses grow to attain their fullest potential. And to do this, she helps people grow. Growing through life is no easy feat, and no person knows this better than Kahler herself. 

Bobbi Kahler’s Humble Beginnings 

Associating the word ‘easy’ with Bobbi’s life is impossible. From her childhood, she’s had to brave through undulating waves of trial after trial. And this took an immense amount of effort on her part, which now contributes to her experience in coaching others.

“I’ve pursued personal growth and transformation for myself in my life and career countless times,” Bobbi said. “I’ve had the personal experience of trying new things, of overcoming difficult or even hopeless circumstances, of going beyond comfort zones, of trying things I never imagined possible for me.”

Indeed, her claims are turned into truth when one looks at her childhood. Born and raised in Illinois to a family who worked hard on their farm, Bobbi was diagnosed with a severe speech problem at a young age. Her speech pathologist believed she would never be rid of this issue, seeing as she couldn’t make at least 18 sounds. 

But this wasn’t the end for her. Her mother worked with her to practice tirelessly until she eventually mustered the courage to get into her school’s speech and debate team. Bobbi now accredits this success of hers to her mother and her speech teacher’s collective encouragement. However, nothing is accomplished without one’s own efforts. Despite her progress, Bobbi could only acknowledge that she no longer struggled with her speech impediment when she was 25 years old.

Trying Relationships and Career Choices 

Photo Credit: Bobbi Kahler, with permission

Bobbi’s struggles didn’t cease the moment she overcame her speech impediment. In fact, she grew up in a relationship with her mother which she labeled a “mixed experience”. Her mother was immensely supportive and loving, but at times, she also displayed abusive traits. As such, Bobbi walked on eggshells growing up; she developed an instinct when it came to sensing her mother’s emotions in order to survive. 

Bobbi was an active student and loved sports – particularly baseball, which she learned from her sister – but she had to fight to remain in high school. Her mother didn’t believe that further education would pay off for her daughter. However, Bobbi’s dreams for the future were dampened when she was unable to go to college. 

Instead, to support herself financially, she worked in management at Wendy’s and McDonald’s, where she excelled due to her natural leadership skills. She also got hitched at the age of 21, but eventually, she realized that they were both too young. They filed for a divorce soon after. 

Despite her progress in her career where she was well-established for her knack for turning around stores with low morale, she wanted more. Upon seeing her old high school classmates return from college, she believed that her academic potential was wasted.

But alas, she had no means to pursue an education. And yet, she persisted. She moved back to Illinois where she worked in law offices. She then moved to Chicago for better work opportunities. It was there where she garnered enough money to fund her education. 

Bobbi’s Pursuit of Happiness

Chicago not only brought career opportunities; it also brought Bobbi to her future husband, Rick. They both shared a similar dream of living a life that was more than just working and commuting. As such, they moved to Portland in search of new dreams. 

It was in Portland where they started a business that served the purpose of training other small businesses. The two worked painstakingly to grow this business, and at some point, it began to thrive. 

However, the burden of steering this ship brought with it a new adversity: Bobbi’s health began to decline.

Bobbi recalled, “In June of 2005, my doctor said to me: ‘You’re getting married this August, right? Here’s your choice: if you don’t quit this business, you won’t be alive to see your wedding.’”

Bobbi was thus forced to put her business on hold. She decided to focus on her health, which took a whole decade before she recovered. Still, in this trying decade, Bobbi refused to let her dreams end there. She took the time to pursue her further education and obtained her Master’s degree. 

While focusing on new fitness-related interests, Bobbi also found a new meaning to her purpose when she began her career in training and coaching corporations with ASLAN Training and Development. She became a top consultant, one well sought-after by many.

Bobbi’s current success is proof that everybody can thrive. Her life experiences are now translated into her drive to help others grow.