The human body is often exposed to numerous environmental risks ranging from the air you breathe, the food you eat, and the water you drink. The rapid technological advancements have also contributed to increased health problems. Harmful radiation from electronic devices that you interact with daily, such as mobile phones, tablets, WIFI’s, and computer screens, pose health problems to the human body.

Typically, your body will respond by fighting these radiations and toxins, resulting in massive stress and an unbalanced state. Such conditions will leave your body vulnerable to vitamin and immune deficiencies, fatigue, obesity, and generally poor health.

With the desire to address this health crisis, Body Align has established products to help improve the quality of life for anyone. Their products are an amalgamation of Chinese medicine coupled with the Scala wave technology. The end product is a vital medicine that can help relieve pain, enhance your body energy levels, induce sleep or protect against the Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). An EMF is basically an area with moving electrical charges. Electromagnetic fields, including ionizing radiation, may cause harm to the human body.

According to Steve Lepkowski, the founder and current CEO of body Align, the company was established in 2003 as part of his research to discover how Chinese medicine and frequencies could be applied to discs and patches to create reactions within the human biome.
A multi-million-dollar company headquartered in Virginia, Body Align is one of the few companies dedicated to making a healthier balanced you. They are responsible for the Next Evolution in Wellness, a system that provides a properly balanced body. They sell millions of this technology that improves the lives of many people globally.

It took them over a decade in research to figure out this system, and the product is amazing. The Next Evolution in Wellness system is heavily rooted in science and research and utilizes energy wellness technology to support your body, bringing it back into balance.

Though it is a proven essential technology, Body Align is finding it hard to get people to embrace it. Some people are not ready to accept wearable technology for improved health. Their faith seems to be deeply rooted in the traditional pharmaceutical ways everyone grew up using. It’s a tough challenge for Body Align, but they are optimistic of a better market reception in the coming days.

The reluctance to accept the Body Align products is no major issue for the company. They are not driven by the number of sales they can generate but rather by the dramatic impact on the people. As a brand, their success is determined by the number of people they have helped to sleep better, have more energy, have less pain, and live happier lives.

Every company desires to scale, and Body Align is no exception. Their ambition is to grow to be one of the largest companies and expand their distribution beyond the US and UK markets. They aim to distribute to all parts of the world and reach as many people as possible. As they say, success is a journey, and body Align is definitely on the right path for global success.
Steve Lepkowski believes that every person should explore their options and dare to break away from their comfort zones. More importantly, everyone should be ready to find solutions that will improve the quality of their everyday life.