So many of you out there probably never pay attention to people’s body language, especially when it comes to dating. But, you use body language everyday of your life whether that be in business, school, dating life, etc. Your body language tells your story. It tells the other person you’re talking to how you’re feeling, whether that be positive or negative energy. You could be expressing closed off body language and not even realize it when you’re on first dates or just in general with your partner. So, how do you really know if it’s affecting your dating life. Well, there’s a few things I’m going to mention to be conscious of when it comes to your dating life.

Eye contact – Now, I don’t mean the eye contact that you’re constantly staring at the other person and they think you’re extremely creepy. But, how are you looking at the other person when you’re on a date? Are you looking away, seem disinterested, looking down, etc. All of these aspects of body language are impacting how you are being seen by other people, whether you realize it or not. Which, leads me to my next point.

Your body language – What is your body language like when you’re standing or sitting next to your date? Are you slouching? Are you crossing your arms and just being closed off? The current mood you’re in will come across through your body language. If you’re sitting in a chair and you’re on a date, I always recommend to have your hands at your side while sitting up straight, unless your obviously using hand gestures when talking.

Smiling – Really simple. But, are you smiling when you’re out on a date? Act excited and smile if you enjoy talking to the person. This point goes back to eye contact, if you’re smiling and looking at the other person talking it will show up in your facial expressions. Smiling is also really important when you’re trying to approach a guy or a girl when out in public. Think about it if someone approached you in public with a grimace on their face, how excited would you be to talk to them?

Thoughts for today