Communication and Relationships: Body Language Clues You Should Look For


How many times have you been on a date, and you just can’t figure out if it’s going well or not. Everything seems okay from where you’re sitting, but you wish there was just some way you could get a sign confirming that. Well, it might be sitting right in front of you… you just aren’t seeing it. Take a closer look at your date, and look for these three, simple body language tics that can give you a heads-up as to what’s going on just beneath the surface.

Signal #1: Leaning In

This one seems obvious, but the obvious signs are sometimes the easiest ones to miss when you’re stressing. If someone is leaning in, that means they’re interested in you. If you need additional confirmation, look at the direction their body is pushed. If their feet and legs are facing you, as well as their face, you have their attention. That’s definitely a good sign, and one you should not ignore.

Signal #2: Openness

Most of the time when we talk about our dates being open, we’re referring to their level of honesty. However, open body language is a sign of comfort, and interest. So if your date is closed off, with their arms crossed, their legs crossed, and their head tucked down like they were in a fight rather than on a date, those are all bad signs.

Signal #3: Where Are Their Hands?

While more open to interpretation than other gestures, where someone leaves their hands says a lot about their state of mind. Hands on the table, in plain sight, speaks to a greater level of comfort than hands under the table. If they look like they have something to hide, it might be because they’re nervous, uncomfortable, or just not that into what’s going on.

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