When you interview, you sell yourself. What are the features you are proud of and make you unique?

Either they will love you or don’t like you, but you don’t want them to be indifferent. Leave an impression!

What most people fail to understand is the definition of UNIQUE:

Being special and unique does not require doing extraordinary things, it’s about completing every task you undertake knowing you have done the best you can, putting passion and being proud of who you are.

Here are 4 bold answers that few would have dared to give but that ended up in a job offer.

Basic interview questions just got more interesting:

1) What is the craziest thing you have ever done? — Consulting Firm, Junior role

One evening I was bored so I wrote on Google “what’s the most extreme race?” Then I saw Ironman. I registered. Here I was: two month to train for a triathlon. I didn’t have a bike and didn’t know how to swim well. It was crazy because it was extreme. But most of all it was crazy because it shaped me into someone I didn’t know.

2) Why should we hire you? — Financial company, Sales position

“To remain a big player on the market a corporation needs to be customer centric. Customers expect you to deliver magical solutions. They need to dream. That’s what I do: I sell magic.” Then I took out a deck of cards and did magic tricks for 30 mins.I must admit the interview was cool.

3) What is you weakness? — Tech Start-up

To think I have none. I don’t fear or at least I haven’t feared yet. The more dangerous it gets the more excited I get. That’s a weakness in a society where conformism is the rule. So I think I need a kid to become reasonable, he will need me so I might stop doing stupid things to make sure I can take care of him. By the way I know it’s an issue so I am already writing my biography in case something happens and the title is “I don’t know where my limits are but I know where they aren’t” — I am sure you’ll have fun reading it.

4) How would you impress me? — Tech Giant, Product development

On my first day of work I’ll bring you my special pasta dish!

After 25 years it still impresses me.

Do you have special questions for which you need inspiration? Maybe I can find inspiring people for you.

Originally published at medium.com