Bombardment. That’s what we experience every day. We’re bombarded with everything and anything social media. Oh! Look at my abs! Oh!! Lookie I’m working at my dream job. Helloooooo! I’m living my best life.

Except that, and I’m taking a flying leap here—the pics of those tight abs are probably photo shopped. The dream job is only available because someone else left when the dream turned into a nightmare.

And the best life. Really? We all have best life moments, and chances are that best life selfie photo taker probably wept just a few hours earlier and needed to validate their existence in a perfectly lit pic of an imperfect life. Because we all live imperfect lives, don’t we? And when confronted with a split second of someone else’s real life (really it’s their fantasy life) picture, it can be quite daunting. Not to say thoroughly depressing.

That’s not to say we can’t celebrate the wins and successes of our friends and media icons, but what we need these days is perspective. So maybe, just maybe, it’s time to put the brakes on our posting and sharing and “likes” and, well, I’m sure you know what I mean. Save your sanity and put down the electronic device. Even if you have to slowly wean yourself away. Minute by minute. Hour by hour.

I actually did this a few weeks ago while on a weekend getaway. And guess what? That addiction itch to post and comment and like was there—in fact the phone in my purse was calling to me—or at least I thought it was at first. And then, relief and a quietness set in. No need to put a picture up, to look at what my online pals were doing, or to check to see if my “fans” favorited anything. The addiction lifted and the feeling of bombardment ebbed.

And really, when you’re at the water’s edge near a gorgeous beach, the photo you snap never quite matches up to what you see with your eyes, does it? Not for me it doesn’t.

So why not see if you can give yourself a gift…a gift of freedom from the never ending electronic siren call that’s bombarding our ability to connect in person…and put that electronic device down. Look into your Sweetie’s eyes. Give someone the gift of your full attention. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Of course don’t put your device down until you comment, like, and share this! And yes, I’m joking…or am I?
Now here’s a hint from Auntie Jodi that definitely applies: While on your commute to work, should you find yourself weeping uncontrollably, getting lost en route, or plotting the murder of your boss, it may be time to consider a career change. Dramatic exits from a wretched work environment will be a welcome diversion for your soon-to-be ex-colleagues.