Bonito, a small city in western Brazil is a giant in world ecotourism and was a world champion destination in sustainability!

World reference in Ecotourism, its waters are among the three most crystalline on our planet, imagine a freshwater Bahamas?

With an intact and pure nature that only Amazonian countries can have, Bonito is the Pantanal’s neighbor, the largest wetland in the world!

Tourism in Bonito MS has a diversity of tours (passeios em Bonito) that leave us indecisive at the time of choice – they are cinematographic caves worthy of Hollywood films, rivers practically invisible and so transparent that we have the feeling that we are flying, romantic waterfalls absolutely enigmatic with caves behind their veils where we can imagine the old pirate films where they hid treasures behind the waterfalls, fantastic resorts where you can spend a whole day in nature paying less than $ 7 per person, freshwater beaches with zip lines and dozens of water sports , scuba diving without needing to take the course, Buoy Cross, and a dozen more options.

How can I organize my trip to Bonito?

The main airports in Brazil are those of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Manaus or Brasilia – from any of them there are dozens of daily flights to Campo Grande, the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul, only 300km from Bonito – at the airport there are several exits daily in shared vans on a 4-hour trip over the plains of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul!

Bonito has accommodation for all camping tastes, hostels, even resorts, thematic and ecological hotels and rural tourism!

What tours can you take in Bonito Brasil?

Depending on the days you have available and how much you want to invest Bonito has over 48 sightseeing tours and at home one of them a number of options within the main attractions!

Fluctuations like the Sucuri River where you can descend the light current and have the feeling that you are flying because the water is so clear that it does not seem to exist – also like floating rides in the source of the wildest Rio da Prata where you can find schools with bigger fish and a virgin nature – still on the list of fluctuations in the spring the no less coveted Aquário Natural and the Nascente Azul – the fluctuations in Bonito have an average cost of $ 60 per person and are the most popular tours in Bonito by tourists from all over the planet!

The ideal is to stay between 1 week and 10 days in the Bonito region and if you are in a hurry you can do two trips a day!

In addition to the fluctuations, the Lago Azul Cave is among the most significant natural attractions in Bonito at a cost of $ 14 per person – This cave has proportions so large that it would fit inside a 4-story building, and has an absolutely transparent blue lake and motif of studies by diving teams from all over the world its total depth has not yet been defined and there were complete remains of prehistoric animals such as the Saber-toothed Tiger or the Giant Sloth!

Bonito Waterfalls are an invitation to romance and discovery – in many waterfalls such as the Passeio Parque das Cachoeiras you will find caves behind the waterfalls where you can see the magnificent image from the inside to the outside of the waterfall! There are more than ten waterfall tours with values between 30 and 50 dollars per person!

Also Balneários de Bonito are incredible – tours for the whole day with an average value of 12 dollars per person like Praia Da Figueira or Ilha Bonita!

Want more adventure? The Anhumas Abyss, considered the biggest adventure in Brazil, makes you descend from a crack in the rappel of 72 meters that opens to a giant gallery bigger than a football field – and down there sleeps a lake with another seventy meters of depth and that you can see the bottom as if it were invisible!

Other tours such as the Mistériosa Lagoon, bike, cross buoy, raffiting and dozens of other water sports help make Bonito the best ecotourism destination on the planet!

To get to know these incredible places you must book well in advance, in Bonito there is a limit of daily visits for each tour and all values are tabulated in addition only local tourism agencies direct from Bonito such as Acqua Studio de Viagem can book !

Weather in Bonito Brazil!

If you go to Bonito (MS)  in the low season in the winter months between May and August you will know the waters are even more transparent and you will hardly see rain but the cold is intense, the temperature can reach 7 ° – in the summer the temperature can reach 40 °!

Bonito is located in the center of the largest natural deposit of freshwater in the world – the Guarani Aquifer – its value for humanity is incalculable!