Each day we get to make a choice: Do we choose faith or fear? It’s so easy to be fueled by fear, but is that right? In this article, I take a deep dive into that topic and talk about how to choose faith.

It’s an excerpt from ‘The Fire Inside You,” an e-book I recently published in collaboration with poet and publishing coach Scott Andrew James.

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The Fuel of Fear 

I remember when my biggest fear was watching a horror movie. Or bringing home anything other than an A on a report card. 

Or not dressing properly for an event. Have you ever had a conversation with yourself of, “Is it better to be overdressed or underdressed?” 

And I never sleep the night before an early morning flight. I’m just terrified that I won’t hear the alarm. 

As we get older in life, fear manifests differently. And many times it shows up in places we never expect it. 

The emotion that was once caused by a belief that a monster would get us while we sleep turns into one that can become a real-life threat. 

Why? The analysis and paralysis caused by fear can stop us from saying yes to a risk-taking decision. 

We  might  err  on  the  side  of  being  safe  rather  than  taking  a  new  job opportunity. 

Or we might even pass up on the love of our life and choose a partner that is safe because we know they would never hurt us or disappoint us. 

We might even skip the last minute vacation because we are afraid we’ll miss a deadline at work or even now….. be afraid that we’ll get the coronavirus on a flight. 

Fear even begins to feel different. It might show up as stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, or the ability to not make a decision. 

Can we get over fear? Is it even possible? It seems like every week there’s a new external force to feed our fear monster inside. 

I’m not sure if this will work for you, but here are some things that might help: 

1.  Try not to be perfect.  When we live with an understanding that life isn’t supposed to be perfect, it can release the pressure around you. 

2. Laugh. When your heart beats fast and you start getting anxious, pick up a phone and call a friend who will make you laugh. And if you’re lucky, they will also remind you that you are a badass who can tackle any fear. 

3. Find the data. Sometimes your heart isn’t needed to think beyond fear, you need the facts. By reviewing data, you might see a trend that you will be successful which will allow you to move past your fear. 

4.  Breathe. Take a moment for yourself. Deep breaths will relax you and allow you to think more clearly. 

5. Believe. Sometimes all it takes is some positive energy. There’s a reason why Disney movies always make us happy, right? I really, really believe that believing in ourselves is all that it takes. It’s the fire that lives inside of us. 

Let fear be the fuel you need to manifest the life you envision instead of taking you captive.