“Books” are just amazing in every sense, of course, if you are a reader carrying a lot of patience in yourself to unfold the realistic treasure whether it’s through the story, a biography of a person or just novels or motivational guidelines that really binds you in itself.

We all have a special journey with reading books and writing. Yes! Definitely, since our school began, and it was necessary on our parts to read all the subjects and the course’s books to finish our school. But with our changing lives and times, books are becoming like an essential part, that part without which in today’s time, we became a sort of unable to plan our motto or like an inseparable element of our life’s journey to guide our conscious minds. In a way, books becoming one of our guides or advisors, when in the older times, we people almost used to rely upon our most experienced person of the family, the same role in this era, is being played by books. We just need to have a look around, almost surrounded by each and every type of book and indeed with the most amazing and extraordinary depiction whether of story, a character or even a poem or a thoughtful note. No wonder, these excellently written pieces are keeping up their words as becoming best sellers over the world.

In our world, there could be found different categories of reading sections, as per different taste and choices of the various classes of readers. At present moment, while writing this, I could barely remember, six years back when I finished school, it was like the first time, when people were heading towards reading, and since then in a crowds or hundreds and more over the countries, people now keep an inspective eye over a number of reads which slowly converts into as their never-ending interest and profound love. And most importantly, about our amazing writers and editors which we could found many around us, just interests me and sometimes forces me to be curious to know their sources and how one could lay their intent over and before, carrying every wonderful beautiful line which in itself gives a big meaning to a reader to continue exploring every new book.

My one of the favorite book which I would like to recommend to people to at least once try it is “The Art Of Thinking Clearly” by Rolf Dobelli. As it is the book which intends to focus on various aspects of life by not adapting or making new changes in life, but to understand the basic aim about everyday’s behavior and make realize where and when improvement is needed and also describes the probable viewpoint about what should be more precious to us, and how to make more happier and complete decisions in lives. This book carries in itself 99 cognitive biases, containing small chapters, as word-to-word information is given along with some proven examples and it’s the plus point which makes it a relevant read, as because it serves cognitive biases thinking about different perceptions of the personalities.

As the biases which proved useful for me, couldn’t be as relevant to other readers, and the sort of bias which could be important worth living for others, wouldn’t be much necessary for me. The Art Of Thinking Clearly, made it successful in stating the cognitive biases which run in a person’s mind and he/she only has control over it and could apply it in any sphere of life to become successful and all clear.

I started creating the habit of reading and exploring new and interesting books as well as contents, when in my first year of college, I won a prize for delivering the best presentation and as a prize, I got a book, it was “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” by Rashmi Bansal, an amazing Indian writer to write and narrate some of the interesting life journeys of 25 entrepreneurs and how they started valuing themselves from their work, an explorative read for me. I could say, about a book, which has started to impact my life, is the book named “Rules Of Life” by Richard Templer which is one of the international bestsellers, and laid down the on-going rules of life categorizing in the several categories like general rules, married life rules, social rules, family and friendship rules, as well as rules applicable to world.

All these rules say one or more essentials which depict our own behavior and increases our urge to know the reason for our own acts and behavior and everything happens for a reason and rules necessary to lead a life in a more generous way. “Rules Of Life” helped me to onlook on my acts/behavior and also helped to understand that there is always a rule or condition about almost everything in this world and by remembering these small guidelines, for sure one could lead a life more peacefully.

As I mentioned above of the book “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” written by Mrs. Rashmi Bansal, I liked the book and I just thought into my mind that, “I would like to read a book on Women Entrepreneurs as well, I hope the writer would write a book on it someday”. But literally, I wasn’t knowing that the writer has already published the book named, “Follow Every Rainbow” by Mrs. Rashmi Bansal so, through this book, I have this chance to gain an insight or sneak into lives of real women, not only by word but through every positive action taken by them.

So, in the book, I read an amazing story of a common woman basically belonging to a reserved family, but the shocking ups and downs in her life turned a reserved girl into an extraordinary hardworking entrepreneur named,(Patricia Narayan), her struggles throughout her life, this story inspires me on a whole that, ‘If one puts his/her soul into a small thing and a lot more driven by passion, opens up gate to success, by one’s continuous hardwork, the small thing takes the form of larger than ever’. This woman’s story would definitely inspire me, whenever I could think of quitting in life or could possibly get stuck.

Yes, certainly I have found myself lost in reading and exploring a book, as one of the simple reason, I am in absolute love with reading and writing. Though, I am also writing it. Since from past two years, when I was in college, I started reading types of books, apart from my curriculum. I wasn’t realized at the initial moment, that inner spark of an avid reader is already ignited in me.

On a secondary thought, I like to acquire knowledge about different things and unknown truths or facts which I do not come across till date, make me read. Most importantly, the way, all the writers across the world, writes or crafts a book keeping today’s world spectrum and readers perspective in mind is really appreciative and highly impeccable. So for me, its an understood reason which helps to keep my interests sense alert and I easily get myself engaged in a wonderful read for the time.

Every book has an intention when being written, whether it carries an intent to simply amuse a person through a heart-touching story including characters or just guidelines to a perfect life, some depict an excellent biography of the person or scientific facts of some or other diseases. The intention of each every single book is carved is indeed a unique some idea to make people read and enjoy their time with their all-time favorite book. For me, books have benefitted me in a way, gradually in an indirect sense, I have started taking different outlook towards life, reading about ever-changing circumstances and about different information makes me realize, there are many things in future to be experienced, except essentials of life which include food, shelter, and money. Moreover, we people keep running on the same route and same track of life, performing the same rituals, and in a busy life often we forget to realize the importance of living selflessly. In a busy life, I make sure to make time for one of my love, that is books and writing and I have a strong belief that this is the thing I wouldn’t give up on so easily and will be a part of my life.

My personal message to book lovers and also to the people who don’t have the habit of reading is that, every book is made for a clear intention and in a way, of course, it is vitalizing our thinking and could also prove as a powerful food for your brain. Who knows, that turning every single page, initiates our future author, maybe it could be “YOU”.



  • Shaima Khan

    Founder Of Artizone Information, who has interest in content creation and managing web analytics

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