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Entrepreneurship is a large field that requires incredible skills to navigate through. The industry is full of potential individuals from different localities who specialize in different areas. To make the entrepreneurship journey easy, there are various books that one can read to sharpen their skills to navigate within the industry. Let’s discuss some of these books and unveil their potential.

The Gift of Struggle (Bobby Herrera)

Most people that are serving in different leadership positions tend to hide their failures and struggles. The Gift of Struggle is an incredible book written by Bobby Herrera, advocating more about his real-life struggles while developing his business until he became a leader.

In the book, Herrera has analyzed all the downfalls that he has encountered while building up his career. It is in the form of lessons in real-life struggles.

Shark Tales (Barbra Corcoran)

Due to the fruitful info displayed by this book, Barbra Coran does not need an introduction. The book elaborates on the best hacks to become successful in the entrepreneurship industry. From working in a small real estate office to becoming the most significant investor in one of the most popular reality shows in the world.

Even though the entire book focuses on success, it mainly begins with a lot of failures that Corcoran has undergone. Currently, Corcoran owns a business empire that has secured a comprehensive market across the globe. Before emerging successful in business, Barbra Corcoran has served in numerous job positions, such as a teacher and a waitress.

Her life changed entirely after meeting her boyfriend, who has also turned into her business partner. The book elaborates much on problem-solving techniques that have worked for her and can help you make your dreams come true.

The Other Side of Happiness (Brock Bastian) 

When you consider failures as personal problems and difficulties, then you have a poor attitude towards yourself. This book gives readers a new look and appearance on failure. The book provides a valuable look that helps you to try again and again. Brock Bastian showcases a positive attitude regarding failure that can help entrepreneurs’ manage the headwinds in the business industry.


Reading books is one way of self-education that can help you emerge successfully. The above-discussed books are meant to help entrepreneurs succeed.