Creativity is the keyword in today’s competitive environment. But, your team may not be at their best all the time. Here are a few ways in which you can stimulate your team’s creativity:

Throw them into the quicksand

Often the best thing that a manager can do is to put the team on the spot. When in a confusing or challenging situation, your team is bound to come out with actionable ideas.

Tell them to list their worst ideas

Often employees may hesitate to put up ideas due to their fear of being ridiculed. To prevent this from happening, encourage them to list out the worst ideas they have. You can start the session yourself by stating your worst idea and this will encourage your team to join in.

Include team games and outbound programs

Both in-office team building games and outbound programs will set your team’s gray cells to work. Team building activities have been found to address critical areas such as the person’s ability to think on their feet, logical thinking, conflict management, and leadership. In addition to boosting your team’s creativity, games and activities will equip them with the skills needed to be successful.

Understand why there are mental blocks

Each person in your team functions differently. What makes one person creative can create mental blocks for another. Identify the reason for your team’s inability to perform. Both one-on-one sessions and group meetings can help you find a solution to mental blocks.

Go on team walks

Research has shown that exercise in any form promotes the flow of endorphins and adrenaline in the brain. A change of sight can do wonders for your overworked team and you won’t believe how quickly they’ll lighten up when they are outside.

Incentives help

Monetary incentives in the form of cash prices and non-monetary incentives in the form of ‘Employee of the Month’ awards can go a long way in boosting your team’s creativity. Employees like to earn these benefits and will work harder to show results.

Avoid ‘brainstorming’

When employees hear the word ‘brainstorm’, it pressurizes them to come up with creative solutions. Avoid giving your meetings the nomenclature of ‘brainstorm sessions’. Instead, hold a normal meeting and ask for suggestions.

A little humor goes a long way

Humor functions akin to exercise and promotes the release of endorphins. It is a mood-lifter and will often make the worst day, the best. Do you want new ideas from your team? It’s time to tickle their funny bone.

Ambiance matters

Your office boardroom could be stifling for your team. Instead, conduct your meetings at informal places, such as a café or a restaurant. You’ll see your team perform better when they are in a relaxed environment.

Appreciate them publicly

Appreciation and gratitude go a long way in boosting creativity. When your team knows that their efforts are being valued, they are more likely to do a better job.