If you dont want your information to be leaked online, then don’t post it on social media? Sounds simple right? Thinking that your information online is in your control is a delusion. The reality is, keeping your personal information private isn’t your choice anymore. It’s within those friends hands as well who further share or misuse that information for the sake of humor.

Among the facades of society, privacy is something that creates stress and fatigue; it’s surprising that taking care of your online privacy can have a blossoming impact on your mental state. But as we try to control our privacy, we get indulged in tech apps which blows out of proportion leading to a more distressful journey.

Sharing Health Data Through Apps

In case you are sharing your data with a doctor or in a hospital, then most probably it will fall under The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). If you share it with someone else or let’s say Apply, then is it safe? If your physician asks you to share your health data through an app then for most purposes that data sharing would be taken care of HIPAA.

But keeping that in mind, what if there is an app developed by a third party which is not covered under HIPAA and the physician asks to send your records through that app. This would soon slip all your personal information which could be a stressed out scenario.

A report from the Department of Health and Human Services indicated that the majority of the mobile health apps on the marketplace aren’t insured by the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act HIPAA. This is because HIPAA caters to hospitals, doctors and health insurance providers. This is a stressful ordeal needs careful consideration.

Is it possible for an Employer to Reject your Application based on the Collected Health Data?

The primary concern is interesting and dreading as we speak because there are certain things that the health data could cause a potential privacy concern to mess with mental health. Some laws inhibit medical insurance companies from discrimination based on your previous medical records and history. This can be a possible cause leading to a backdoor to discriminate against the insured citizens keeping in mind the medical records.

There is a company called ‘Oscar’ working out of Newyork which markets itself as a next-generation health insurance company that is data-driven. They provide an incentive to wear wearable apps to track exercises and health. These companies pose a threat to the mental well being as your medical condition would be a basis for your rejection. A mind works in a different way and slight chemical imbalance may lead to distress.

Should that Data be a Concern?

Your online search terms, location, and geo-tags combined together would create a patient profile. Based on the apps data collection method, a teenagers pharmacy shopping online would trigger notifying companies the kind of medicine the teen is looking for.

This is possible through predictive analytics based on shopping patterns. The algorithm would start catching phrases and derive a conclusion of what the health concern is. This data if sold to third-party pharmaceutical companies would start making them target multiple ailments and medicines regarding the illness. This would be a normal ordeal for anyone but in case you start receiving emails from different companies in the health sector then assume your data is being used against you.

How to Relieve Stress – Protecting your Online Privacy for a Good Mental State

  • Sharing Less is Good at Times?

It is not always important that you use a health tracker to keep your health in check. You can always visit the doctor for a more physical check-up. It is assumed that tech influx has greatly reduced are worries and

before we know it our data is collected. But it is a cause of distress for many who function in a different manner. At instances sharing less means safety and reliance that a normal human feels. A Sense of security by sharing less is a blessing.

  • Take a break

A change in the environment is at times all we need to refresh our thoughts and flush all negativity. This could be a five-minute pause from those house chores, disconnectivity from tech gigs or just pulling the social media cord. Give time to yourself to heal and explore your mind. Online privacy may disrupt your positive vibes but don’t let that get in the way.

We are exposed to more than 4000 ads per day and we ignore them through our unconscious mind; yet they are present every day at the same billboards, banners, streets, and websites. With that much information, our minds tend to clutter things and forget what is important which hinders mental peace.


Having more time for yourself or for someone would be great since increasing the idea of online privacy will do wonders as you will have less to worry about and more to achieve. The race to protect your health concerns, data and private matters would not be a task but rather a moment of time.

This will only be achieved by connecting with people, having people around you to discuss their life matters which is the first stage of communication allowing you to live a positive life coping with the changes and challenges.