Everything in this world

Is designed to crush you

You know, the way your friend

Suggests a Botox clinic to you

When she sees your perfect skin

Or the way the magazines

Show skinny women on the cover

Who starve themselves for fame

What about the billboards

Presenting woman wearing Gucci

Forgetting clothes have a function

And those life coaches

Trying to coach you away from the life you have

Towards the life you think you need to be happy

Where the posts on social media

Chip away at your self esteem

With each additional selfie posted

And where your parents

Suggest that you can ‘lose weight if you really try’

As you devour a cupcake

Those movies

That exhibit

Perfectly imperfect love lives

And museums

Filled with art from human beings who knew

Exactly how their legacy would be remembered


That honor employee of the month

Not months of devotion and dedication

And homes that encourage

Good grades and accolades

Not moral compasses and nice gestures

Guys who force you

To measure your worth

On the extent on their own wounding

And women who show you

That even when you are vulnerable

You must suffer more


That work towards their own agendas

Whilst nations dies with starvation

Natural disasters

That remind us

How fragile we truly are

And man-made disasters

That remind us

How ignorant we truly are

Beautiful yet dark

Versions of ourselves

That society forces us to hide

And ugly yet light

Versions of ourselves

That society labels as success


And then

What about


In that world?

Everything in that world

Is designed to honor you

You know

The way your eyelashes grow

Just to protect your all seeing eyes

Or the flow

Of water through the human body

To purify

The way your fingernails

Help you to cut through

All the distractions in your path

And what about the fact that your food

Is digested immediately

From the moment it merges with saliva

Or the motion of your

Walking legs

Your feet graceful on this earth for every step forward

And of course

Your brain

Every synapse working to create a magical next thought

And your love

Experiences so profound

That your heart pounds with joy

And the movement of your body

With every beat

Which makes you dance

You know the meditative moment

That enables your soul

To feel ecstasy and eternity


Of course

The breath

Most importantly

The breath

Keeping you alive

With every. Single. Inhale.

That’s the world we should live in

That’s the world we should love in

The world deigned

To honor you

And every divine aspect of your being