Bounce back

We’ve all had those days at work where nothing seemed to go well or we were so overwhelmed we didn’t accomplish much. Some days at work are just going to be frustrating and all the positive affirmations, check lists, and focused effort will not seem to make a difference.

But after a bad day at work, what can you do to salvage the rest of your day? What does it take to prevent it from happening again tomorrow?  

Here are my seven ways to bounce back from a bad day at work.

1.      If you made a mistake, admit it.

If you misspoke, made a poor decision, or just truly messed up something – eat humble pie. I’ve made my share of mistakes and the best way to learn from it, is to own up to your mistake. Apologize to anyone involved and let them know that you were in the wrong. It’s a release.

2.      Go through your emotion – experience it.

If you are feeling sad or hurt, go to the restroom on your lunch break and just release it and cry. If you are angry, release that as well. You may consider sitting in your car (with your windows rolled up) and yell with the radio on. There are many safe ways to release anger or sadness.

3.      When you have calmed down, reflect on the day.

Review what happened during the day and consider how you may have handled things or reacted to something in a better way. Learn from it so you don’t make the same mistake again. Our failures are often the best teaching tools – use this opportunity! I’m sure you can find at least one thing positive that will come from your negative experience.

4.      Try not to take it home with you.

This is easier said than done, but tell yourself to stew about your situation or mistake and reflect on it (see #3) for 10-15 minutes and then move on. Talk it over with a spouse, roommate, friend, etc. It can help to say it out loud. Again it’s a release.

5.      Take a shower when you get home.

Use a shower bomb or a nice smelling body wash and ‘wash off’ the negativity from your day.  Being a Pisces, this is one of my favorites as I love the water!

6.      Watch a funny show or read something to take your mind off the day. Just a small action can shift your mood. It sometimes helps to watch a comedy where someone else is acting like a fool….

7.      Exercise or go for a walk.

Get that oxygen in your lungs, burn off some of that anxiety and stress. You’ll release endorphins to further boost your mood!


Meditate – Concentrate on taking deep breaths or use guided imagery and focus on something pleasant. If the stress from your day enters your mind, visualize it heading off in a big bubble – release it from your thoughts!

Having a rough day is a part of life, but hopefully these seven ideas will help you bounce back faster next time. I firmly believe that we learn a great deal from our failures and mistakes. Use this opportunity to grow and learn. Your future self will thank you!

Relax Well!

Dr. Deitrick

About Dr. Deitrick

Dr. Deitrick L. Gorman, America’s Relaxation Doctor®, is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician, speaker, blogger and four-time Amazon best selling author. It is her mission to help individuals maneuver through life’s stressful situations at work and home by learning ways to incorporate relaxation.

Dr. Deitrick L. Gorman