A while ago, millennial branding expert Shawn Anthony set out to address the urgent socio-economic issue of discovering life after school the best way they knew how: talking to successful people who’d been there.

He and his business partner Fenton Joseph created School’s Over…Now What? To find answers to that burning question on every graduate’s mind: what do I do now that I’ve graduated? 

Since 2018, the platform has drawn the attention of some of the world’s brightest and successful business leaders (over 50 leaders collectively worth over 2 billion dollars), who were eager to share their post-college stories and indispensable wisdom, which Shawn serves up to his thriving community. 

In this article, Shawn shares actionable tips on pushing through stress and staying motivated on your journey to success after leaving college.

Staying off stress

Keeping off stress is an integral part of staying healthy and living a success filled lifestyle. Shawn loves quiet time; he makes sure he finds a quiet place to sit back, relax, and focus on what he’s grateful for. 

Focusing on the good things that occurred recently encourages him to maintain a positive mindset, which in turn helps him tackle whatever obstacle he comes across.

In times of stress, Shawn recommends you do certain psychological activities such as recalling transitional moments, listening to things that feed your mind with positive thoughts, and remembering that there’s only one you on the planet – You have what it takes to be successful.

Grooming a successful mindset

It’s often said that successful individuals achieve the goals they’ve set in life by completing specific mundane and repetitive tasks. 

Shawn shows us an excellent example of these tasks. Every day he creates a schedule that helps him organize his routine and be productive. 

Shawn ensures that he is productive at least every 15 minutes. To be able to meet a particular goal each day, he sets a theme. This helps him focus on a specific task and accomplish it within a 24-hour time frame.

Staying motivated

Unlike most individuals who live in the moment, Shawn recommends that we go after generational wealth. He aims to leave a legacy for the upcoming generation and his family. This is what keeps him motivated.

“The best advice I could give to anyone who’s just starting at life would be to dream it, believe it, and set out to active your goal.”- Shawn.