It’s that time of year again when we start thinking about New Year’s resolutions.


Most of us have forgotten or discarded those resolutions before January has even ended. What if instead you set a goal?

The difference between a resolution and a goal is a plan.One of my goals is to design a 2 day live workshop on mobile grooming. Even if I write that on my to do list, it will never happen.

Because its too large, too lofty, too overwhelming to even begin. That’s the problem with resolutions. They are hard to start, follow through, and complete.

You’re starting at the end, rather than the beginning.

Let’s break down my goal into more manageable pieces:

  1. Module 1
  2. Module 2
  3. Module 3
  4. Module 4
  5. Module 5
  6. Module 6
  7. Module 7
  8. Module 8
  9. Module 9
  10. Module 10
  11. Module 11
  12. Module 12
  13. Assemble class manual
  14. Website/sales pages
  15. Facebook page
  16. Other social media
  17. Set price
  18. Find suitable locations
  19. Announce class with free opt in webinar
  20. Set schedule
  21. Evergreen it
  22. Celebrate the creation of this 2 day workshop

My To Do list does not have “create 2 day workshop,” but rather starts with Module 1. Once that is complete, we continue with each item, one at a time, until the entire project is complete.

You can apply this principle to any goal. Come New Years Eve, ditch the resolutions and plan a goal instead.

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