What makes you to break all rules? What makes you a unique one? What makes you human? What makes you an entire world with lots of happiness?

Let’s have a story. A simple and cute girl always follows his family’s orders. Yes, orders. She doesn’t have right to think, speak or act for herself. Her day starts with a voice of her mother ordering her to go for filling water for her family so all of her family can bath, drink and utilize water for daily needs. Her day ends with blowing the light of whole house so that everybody can sleep. After blown of the light, everybody goes to sleep except her. That time when nobody is there to order her to do some work or no voice is seeking her is for her open eye dreams. She cannot take risk to see a dream by closed eyes because she will end up sleeping and the most important time for her will be lost. When she is in this time, she is actually alive. Her life starts and travels around this small period of time. She has a dream to fly, to be free and wander around the world to have new experiences. She wants to meet peoples, cultures, life values and experiences. She wants to touch her favourite star and grab it to her lap and to play with it till her heart wants to play. She wants to lighten his chicks with the shine of that star. She wants to wear her own dreams as her attires. But as time passes her cute black eyes gets closed and her favourite star leaves even without telling her goodbye!

What this girl should do? To break all rules and bonds or to stay and keep her beautiful dreams play at that shorter period of time? Does it will make a difference if she will keep her dreams reserved only for this shorter period of time?

We all are like this girl who see dreams as short film everyday at the same time period and keep it aside at one corner of our heart which never will be shared with anyone. This makes our life traditional and messy. We starts hating our life and be like nothing can happen with us just because our luck didn’t lead us to be there at the position of hero in our short films. We know that if that short film will be our real life, we will never have an experience of messy life. We don’t only create our life but we also create life situations. how? , By always putting that short film script aside. We are among those story writers who can’t complete their stories and that’s why the losers always. Nobody has an estimate of the result once the story is started, but the winners have the faith and courage that wherever the story will lead them, they will complete their scripts. That is the only reason that winners doesn’t care for failing even hundreds of time.

Are you a successful story maker? Ask yourself!