If you were to be brutally honest and transparent, how many times have you wanted an outcome, just the outcome not the journey .  I do this all the time to myself I want something so badly and because I am only the end result, can you relate?. In general we forget that we need to do the actionable steps to receive the prize the goal at the end. There is a journey to be taken.

I think this is why so many people experience  “analysis paralysis” leading to total procrastination. We have a tendency to overanalyze how to start and get stuck in perfectionism which prevents us from starting at all and in turn creates procrastination. Really this type of mindset is a huge form of self sabotage we engage in when you do quite feel good enough to complete the task in the first place.

Today I want you to make a list of all your desired outcomes. Don’t worry I did not just identify a problem and leave you hanging.  Here is an exercise to help you break this negative behaviour forever …

Quarter a piece of paper in  (simple put 3 lines down the paper to divide it in 3 columns)

And on the left side write down what the first step is to get started

In the middle column write down 5 actionable steps needed to ensure  your success (getting your desired outcome)

On the right side of the paper write your desired outcomes, goals and dreams

Repeat this exercise anytime you find yourself being stuck in Procrastination.

It’s time to get started, the time is now. You’re are enough but you just need to not take my word for it you need to fully prove it to yourself.