dBu Edu‘s education philosophy is “Educating with Purpose.” It’s the ethos that drives our high-performance program designs. Our mission is to give Gen-Z tools to bridge the gap between Academic Achievement and Real-World Success. COVID-19 has exposed deep flaws and failures in institutional education. It’s time to take a step back and think about why, decade after decade, we’re still asking, “Why don’t they teach us that in school!?”

“Why don’t they teach us that in school?!”

I’ve said it. You’ve said it. Everyone we know has said it. 

I’ve been an elite education consultant and “resume whisperer” for over a decade. I have been an advisor to high-end education companies, schools, concierge educators, and my personal consulting services have been requested by international leaders, royals, diplomats, and high net-worth families — all to help their kids excel academically, personally, & professionally.  My approach includes non-traditional, experience-based methods, taught through accelerated programs that focus on meta-learning, exploring passions, developing strengths, building strategic high-performance habits rather than stats and factoids. By encouraging a love of learning and intersecting students’ own Passion+Purpose+Practicality, I’ve managed to achieve a near perfect admissions and hiring success-rate among my mentees in addition to a 1017% increase in top-line revenue for enterprise clients. 

Bottom line, our strategies work…and that’s because the fundamental problem with most education consultants is that they’ve only ever worked in education.

Prior to launching dBuEdu, I cultivated a prolific career in media & entertainment, working with A-List talent across film, tv and music and consulting for brands like Google, Spotify and Samsung. Learning to excel in business and pursue a fast-paced career in arguably the most cutthroat industry in the world made it clear that high academic performance doesn’t always translate to the life-skills required for real-world success. I have a Finance degree from The Wharton School and MBA from USC so I’ve been around academic achievement and high-performers, long before starting my own careers. I know how much students (and parents) sacrifice and invest to achieve the quintessential and compulsively curated high-performer’s “checklist childhood.”  In all that scandal, fraud and frenzy, the focus has shifted away from the point of it all – learning. Overpriced and fast talking college counselors with their designer belts and sales pitches have generated a generation of Ivy League grads who can’t even do their taxes. 

In other words, somewhere along the way, education lost the plot.

And still, the unanswered question remains: “Why don’t they teach us that in school?!” 

dBuEdu was launched as a practical solution to the void in private education and the intersection of my own purpose and passions. My goal was to consolidate 10+ years of successful processes that students, colleagues, and I myself experienced, first-hand. These best-practices, along with 10+ years of journal entries, notes, and accumulated insights, are the foundation of dBuEdu’s programs. 

Our education philosophy is “Educating with Purpose.” Our programs are designed around the principle of bridging the gap between academic achievement and real-world success. We provide Gen Z with personalized roadmaps, mentorship, and key performance tools to accelerate life-long, sustainable success. The pillars of our 2021 Programs, which launched for enrollment this week, are Meta-Learning (Learning How to Learn), Financial Literacy, Hands-On Internships, 1:1 Mentorship, and a focus on EQ+IQ. These success roadmaps are helping give the next generation of leaders Tangible and Transferrable Skills for the future, along with critical thinking tools to pursue with intention an education, career, and life of longevity and success.