I’ve been working with clients around taking the step to go after what they want. There is fear, indecision and stress about it.

They want to do one thing, when they talk about it they light up, but then the brain kicks in “oh but what if it doesn’t work”, “my partner isn’t on board with the idea”, “not sure if it is the right thing to do”, “I’m making good enough money where I am, not sure if I should risk it”. But does it make your soul happy?

I know that’s a bit of a wanky thing to say but I mean it, does it make you truly happy? Is it what you day dream about? Is it what you wish you were doing for a job? Is it the thing that makes you jealous when you hear someone else is doing it?

Or is it the thing that makes you feel safe? Safe isn’t always working in your best interest. Often it isn’t. Often it is holding you back.

Is it time to break free?

Break free from the chains of safety. Break free of the indecision. Break free of other people’s opinions. Break free of your fears.

Below are 4 tips for breaking free. These are from my own experiences and from my clients.

1- Listen to your intuition. What is it saying? What feels right? Is it saying to go for the new adventure? One way that helps me is to ask my intuition a question, then close my eyes and focus on my breath and keep asking the question, until I get an answer. It might come as a thought, a voice or a visual and with it comes a knowing. The knowing that this is right. I feel that knowing in my body.

2- Make the decision to do it and commit 100%. No matter how scary or what sabotaging talk your mind is throwing at you, you have decided and committed to it and you will do it no matter what. Keep repeating this committing if you find yourself wavering. “I am committed to this decision 100% and I will achieve ….(whatever your goal is)…. NO MATTER WHAT”!

3- Take action. Write a list of things you can do everyday to progress you forwards. It can be a simple 5 minute task or a full day task but break it down and make it easy. Commit to doing 1 thing a day no matter what. Even when you don’t feel it, DO IT!

4- Have a way to deal with the fear and the sabotaging mind chat. I use EAM and a few other techniques for this. EAM is the Energy Alignment Method, a powerful pioneering technique to really identify and deal with the fear and sabotage. I would love to share this with you, see below for more info.

However, for this article and to keep it simple, an activity as simple as writing the fears out and then writing why you want this dream job and visualising it, is so effective. Be specific and clear about what is your driving force for the new job. How will you feel when you achieve it? What difference will it make to your life? What difference will it make to the lives of those around you? Feel into it.

Fears will come up. Sabotaging chat will come up. They do for everyone. It is how you react to them that makes the difference. Don’t let them be the controlling force in your life.

I mentioned that I would love to share the EAM tool with you. I have created a 30 minute taster session for you, which is laser focused so you leave with an AHA around a challenge you are facing. Let’s get some clarity on it! Book your place here.


  • Ceza Ouzounian

    Relationship Coach & Fitness Instructor

    Warrior In Training

    Ceza Ouzounian is a Relationship Coach & Fitness Instructor, a founding mentor of the Energy Alignment Method (EAM), a Beyond Wellbeing Lifestyle Prescriptions© Provider and a qualified Pilates and Burlexercise Instructor. She is an International Bestselling Author, a inspirational Speaker and keen blogger. She is the Founder of Warrior In Training and the creator of Unleash Your Wonder Woman. Ceza specialises in bringing mind, body and soul alignment through coaching and fitness. She helps successful entrepreneurs take their struggling romantic relationships to a place full of happiness, love, passion & support. She works with clients ready to enhance their fitness through awareness of their body, movement to enable increased fitness, but also use the benefits of fitness to de-stress, overcome challenge times and feel confident.