1. I
    admit I am a mobile phone and social media addict.

  2. I
    admit that I am constantly looking at my phone or laptop for the
    latest notification, message, emoji, ‘liked’ post, friend
    acceptance, or email, when I am driving, working, eating,
    exercising, hiking, talking with friends, sitting on the porcelain
    throne, walking through an airport, and pretty much ALL THE TIME. I
    am probably using my cell phone in my sleep!

  3. I
    admit that my ‘less than excellent’ belief in my gifts, talents, and
    self have led to ridiculous amounts of time seeking validation through
    technology instead of believing that God loves me for who I am.

  4. I
    admit that I can erroneously interpret the tone of someone’s written
    words or their lack of response as them not liking me instead of
    believing that I am perfect just the way I am.

  5. I
    am sorry for all the people who I have hurt through my technological
    based communication, whether it was a misplaced emoji, a failure to
    respond, an untimely response, a ‘like’ when I didn’t even really
    look at the full post, a lousy video I created, a grainy image, or
    just plain lack of constant activity on social media.

  6. I
    believe I have the power to resist my constant connection to my
    phone and laptop.

  7. I
    know deep inside that my existence and goodness cannot be truly
    measured or acknowledged by the number of messages, emails,
    ‘friends,’ or ‘likes’ that I receive on a daily basis.

  8. I
    believe that if I significantly reduce my reliance on and use of
    technology, the true Spirit of, and desire for, my connection to
    you, to our collective conscious, to our community, to our precious
    earth, and to my higher self, will be more meaningful, stronger, and

  9. I  trust and believe that my beauty, love, goodness,
    imperfections, purpose, and light will be shown by the Universe when
    they are meant to known.

  10. Snorkeling off The Big Island, Hawaii

  1. I
    am ready to replace all the time I am using technology with writing,
    meditation, real
    communication, being in nature, golfing, and exchanging lots of hugs
    (and doing these activities without a phone or laptop nearby).

  2. I
    will continue to seek improvement in my conscious contact with God, the Universe, and people, by not using technology for more than 1 hour a day, which
    means my writing will be done in free-hand, the old fashioned way.

  3. I
    am ready to let go and let be.

  4. This
    feels good already!